Goldminer finds a perfectly preserved wolf in Canada’s perpetual ice, Science News

Intact fossils for paleontologists are something like gold mines. But fossils have, so to speak, limitations. This is because soft tissues are rarely preserved in fossils. But the remains preserved in the eternal ice? Well, that’s another thing.

One such perfectly preserved wolf was found in Canada. The animal was covered in permafrost and is 57,000 years old! Due to its preservation in ice, the soft tissues of wolves and even fur are intact, and this opened the door for scientists to study animals in detail at that time.

It is a female wolf puppy and was found in the Yukon, Canada. He was given the name Zhur. Researchers are quoted as calling him “the oldest, most complete wolf”

A wolf found a gold miner in the golden fields of the Klondike, near Dawson City, mining a wall of frozen mud.

X-ray analysis revealed that the puppy was 6-7 weeks old. Researchers say the puppy lived at a time when the ice sheets were receding. That means there was a lot of fresh water around while she was alive.