Golden Birjani from Dubai has joined the world’s most expensive dishes!

The food connoisseur takes on a new meaning. The aroma now also fulfills the preference for the most expensive dishes ever made. A new gold biryani called “Royal Gold Biryani” is made at a diner in Dubai and costs an incredible 1,000 dirhams or approximately £ 19,000 for a plate of biryani, making it the most expensive in the world. A sumptuously prepared dish of a layer of rice-saffron and chicken is served with three side dishes, including Nihari Salan, Jodhpuri Salan, Almond Sauce topped with almond and pomegranate rait. Then comes the pièce de resistance – a copious sprinkling of 23-carat edible gold leaves used as decoration. It is joined by several other expensive dishes around the world. Here are a few of them …


Louis XIII Pizza

Have you ever imagined that pizza is so expensive? Well yes! It is said that the world’s most expensive pizza is found in Italy with toppings like lobster and caviar from all over the world. The 8-inch pizza is called “Louis XIII” and can be purchased for $ 12,000, no less.

FleurBurger 5000

The most expensive burger in the world, made by French chef Hubert Keller, fried foie gras and black truffle shavings, among other ingredients, and is served in a restaurant in Las Vegas. Named FleurBurger 5000, it gives a superior new meaning.

24K Pizza

Here is another treat laden with gold! Well, at least edible. Immerse yourself in a 24K pizza made in New York that contains edible golden sturgeon caviar, foie gras, special white stilton cheese and rare truffles.

Huge ice cream cones that went viral

Drool for this! An internet person named Mr Beast conjured up giant ice cream desserts and guess what? It costs an incredible $ 100,000, translated to 73 laha. The extravagant treat contains scoops of ice cream, each costing over $ 100, including imported chocolate and sauces. It has gone viral since his gaze was placed on the net.