Godzilla vs Kong: Who won when the two cult monsters last fought?

Godzilla vs Kong, the fourth film in MonsterVerse, is almost ahead of us, and fans have chosen their sides. The first reactions are pretty positive and we can’t wait to find out who comes first in this titanium clash.

The reason behind the conflict is not yet clear, other than the fact that Godzilla has driven something crazy and is destroying everything and everything in its path. And only Kong stands in his way. Whatever the reason, we know the encounters of the two titans will be amazing.

But this is not the first time that these two creatures have fought on the big screen. This first happened in the 1962 film King Kong vs. Godzilla.

The Japanese film “kaiju” (basically giant monsters) was directed by Ishirō Honda, who was previously a co-author of the Godzilla franchise.

The film stars a certain Mr. Tako, the head of Pacific Pharmaceuticals, who heard about the giant monster on Faro Island. Thinking of filming the said monster to increase the ratings of his TV show, he immediately sends two men to bring him back. They do this when they discover that he can be put to sleep immediately if he is given the juice of a local berry

Meanwhile, an American submarine called the Seahawk is caught in an iceberg. But that iceberg, you guessed it, crashes and reveals Godzilla. The stage is ready for a great battle.

Godzilla arrives in Japan and does what he does best: destroys everything he sees. Kong confronts Godzilla by throwing giant stones at him. But Godzilla responded with his atomic breath and Kong withdrew.

Later, Kong falls in front of Godzilla and the two of them get involved in the final battle. Godzilla seems to have the advantage, and Kong is almost killed. Lightning strikes Kong and he is revived (strange things were happening in monster movies back then). He rejoins the battle with Godzilla and they continue to fight in the Pacific Ocean. Only Kong comes to the surface. Did Godzilla survive? We were not told.

The release of Godzilla v. Congo in India on 24 March.