Girl Lisa gets divorce papers from Usman ‘SojaBoy’ Umar

The star of the 90-day fiancé: 90 days ago, little girl Lisa Hamme received divorce papers from Usman “SojaBoy” Umar as their relationship ends.

Star of 90 days of fiancé: before 90 Dani Girl Lisa Hamme received divorce papers from Usman “SojaBoy” Umar as their relationship ended. The mother of one child allegedly attacked and shouted at Usman’s lawyer, trying to convey her point.

Last season 90-day fiancé: 90 days ago, fans watched the Pennsylvania-born spend most of the season trying to control her 30-year-old husband. Every time Usman spoke, Lisa would bother and insult him. The TLC personality was also known to harass all social media followers who were against her and even encountered serious problems when she used the N-word while arguing with her husband. That’s not a great look for TLC. The last fans heard from Lisa Hamma, and threatened to indict her husband in Nigeria for alleged cheating.

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Even though the season is over, Lisa still wants to talk about her relationship with Usman. The couple has been moving back and forth since the end of the season, accusing each other of negative things in the press. Now, however, the girl Lisa herself has confirmed that they are divorcing. Usman spoke with recently In contact say it’s a couple “We’re not together anymore.”

The couple broke up in May, and Usman said so,, “Lisa and I are no longer together; she was handed the papers last week and she doesn’t want to accept it. My lawyer called her so she could explain why or complain about the divorce, but she yelled at him and cut the call.” Usman seems delighted to have come out of the toxic relationship, saying, “I’m free now and if you look at me really well, you’ll see that I’m happy and I’m getting better without drama.” Lisa herself held her own Zoom conference where she was charged $ 5 to join on Friday, December 18, to tell her side of the story.

Since they broke up, Lisa has been crying like a wolf, saying that Usman used her for a further musical career. Lisa was never a fan favorite because of her bad attitude and the way she treated Usman, she even called him the N-word at the reunion. TLC fans are happy to hear that the two of them have gone their own way.

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90 days of fiancé airs Sunday at 8:00 PM EST on TLC.

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