Georges St-Pierre reveals how young fighters seeking advice react when they are told the truth

Young fighters do not accept Georges St-Pierre’s words wisely positively. GSP advice to young fighters? Try other things if fighting doesn’t get you where you want to be in life.

During a recent visit to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Georges St-Pierre discovered that young fighters seeking his advice usually end up disappointed when he sincerely advises them not to depend on their career in combat.

“It’s a very difficult road and one of the happiest places for me and one of the saddest places for me, it’s the gym. It’s the happiest place for me because I can practice a sport I love … and it’s sad because they always come to me after training some guys … because they’re looking for advice.I always give them advice about fighting, but a lot of them, my advice for them would be, ‘hey bro, you should hang up your gloves and find the right job, you know.’ … But if I tell them the truth, they are angry with me. “

To make his point without sounding rude, Georges St-Pierre recited a monologue from the film Pulp Fiction: “If you had succeeded, you would have succeeded sooner.” With great aspirations comes a great ego. St-Pierre’s advice is aimed at fighters who fail to realistically assess their fighting abilities.

The MMA community is home to a large number of fighters who continue to put their health and well-being at stake, not realizing that they do not possess the level of talent needed to succeed.

Joe Rogan’s assessment corroborates Georges St-Pierre’s assessment

While talking to Georges St-Pierre on the subject, Joe Rogan shared his own thoughts on the factors that make it much harder to make a successful fighter.

“Well, the reason why champions are so exceptional (is) because it’s so hard to become a champion … so many different factors have to come together, and also wealth … We all know guys who … get injured and can never train again. “It happens. When you face this giant hurricane of opportunity, someone comes out of it and it’s Georges St-Pierre … or someone who’s exceptional, it’s so rare.”

Rogan’s assessment is corroborated by the fact that many famous UFC careers have been hampered by long-term injuries or health problems born of the nature of martial arts.

Chris Holdsworth and Cain Velasquez are notable fighters who have shown all the signs of achieving greatness. However, both fighters had their careers cut short due to training-related injuries.

Posted April 8, 2021, 4:55 AM IST