GeekDad Review: Mujjo sleeve for 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Apple was in line with new MacBook models at the end of the year, especially with the new MacBook Air running the M1 and the 13-inch MacBook Proom. The shiny new laptop deserves a protective sleeve that will make it look nice – ideally, with a bit of style instead of mass. The Mujjo sleeve for the 13-inch Retina MacBook models does just that.

Last winter, I had a few double-insulated Mujjo touch screen gloves. Otherwise I still wear them – they are my favorite winter touch gloves. I also have leather cases for iPhone from Dutch companies. These are elegant head scrapers made of premium leather with some unique color options. I would suggest you check if you could use a new iPhone case.

Today, however, I’m not talking about gloves or cases for the iPhone. I’m looking at Mujjo’s MacBook cover.

If you’re a little tired of synthetic materials or look made of leather, the Mujjo sleeve is a great alternative. The sleeve itself is made of thick wool felt in a dark gray color. I feel warm, luxurious and natural. Wool is sustainable and renewable, and Mujjo says its wool felt is treated to prevent flaking. The soft material protects the MacBook from scratches and bumps from the inside without feeling bulky. Wool felt is also naturally water-repellent. The sleeve is closed with a full-grain, plant-tanned leather cap. It is waxed with aniline oil for durability and improved color. In the case of my review sample, it is a contrasting tan color, which makes it a very attractive combination. A metal zipper in a metal alloy secures the cover, but the metal never touches the MacBook – it only feels in contact.

Premium leather and wool felt offer warmth, protection and a superior look. (Photo by Brad Moon)

The Mujjo sleeve includes an integrated storage pocket with space for documents, earrings, pens or any other accessory you could carry. Hidden inside is a leather holder for credit cards or business cards.

You can see thick, protective wool felt and an integrated leather card holder. (Photo by Brad Moon)

My 13-inch MacBook Pro slides right into the Mujjo sleeve. Top quality natural materials complement the design of the laptop, the construction is solid and it feels nice in the hand. This is not the case with military standards that will keep your laptop intact after falling eight feet, but for casual use and carrying a MacBook around you will prevent scratches and protect it from hitting your backpack or bag.

The Mujjo sleeve is available for 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models with Retina screens, in a choice of black or tan leather with an MSRP of $ 69.90. Versions for the 12-inch MacBook, 15-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro are also available.

You can order Mujjo products directly from the company’s website, and many of them – including this laptop sleeve – can also be found on Amazon.

Disclosure: Mujjo provided a laptop case for rating, but made no contribution to this review. As an associate at Amazon, I earn a membership fee from qualified purchases.

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