Galaxy S21: Samsung hasn’t returned the headphone jack and here’s why


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Samsung’s Galaxy S21, a sequel to last year Galaxy S20, arrived earlier than the company’s leading phones usually have. Thursday, the last day CES, Samsung hosted a virtual unpacked event (here is everything announced), which introduced the latest Galaxy S smartphone, about a month earlier than last year’s announcement. Rumors circulated months about a new device, which he launched leaks in abundance. Would the Galaxy S21 have a stylus? Would you have a sleek new design? Would replace the Galaxy Note line?

And a perennial question: Would it include a headphone jack? Now we know the answer: No, the Galaxy S21 doesn’t have a headphone jack.

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Our first look at the new Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus


We assumed the same amount on the eve of the unpacked event, based on the leak. But if we have learned anything since then Samsung has released the latest Galaxy S flagship model (same day coronavirus disease was officially christened COVID-19), that is that anything is possible.

Leaks for Galaxy S21 have leaked showed a similar design to the S20 line, with a fingerprint reader on the screen and a centered front camera for drilling holes. But one thing we didn’t see in leaked images is a headphone jack, which told us it was probably not on the S21 cards. Recent leaks showing Samsung specifications for all three S21 models, the headphone jack is also not mentioned.

There had were some an unfounded assumption that Samsung is reintroducing the headphone jack as a kind of experiment in 2021. It is thought here that the headphone jack could be enough to distinguish the Galaxy flagship from other premium phones from Apple and Google, which have also forced users to turn into any wireless headphones or the dongle way of life of recent years.

It was an interesting theory, especially if you remember Samsung’s initial reaction to Apple’s initial removal of the headphone jack from its 2016 handset, the iPhone 7. Apple’s move culminated in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 launch that year. I the ads for the Galaxy Note 8 went a step further, mocking the iPhone’s awkward dongle setting. But the tide has changed and, when Samsung introduced its Galaxy Note 10 in 2019 and he left a headphone jack on the floor of the cuttings. Last year’s Galaxy S20 also lacked a headphone jack, the first from the Galaxy S line to prevent it.

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History repeated itself with the Galaxy S21. When Apple decided not to include a charger or headphones with its iPhone 12, Samsung mocked that decision as well. But now Samsung followed their copy and also bit them. The omission of tipster Evan Blass the day before Galaxy Unpacked also showed a Samsung’s “what’s in the box” page who listed only the USB-C cable (no brick charging), ejection pin, and Quick Start Guide citing environmental reasons. And not plugging the headphones into the box was another piece of evidence against plugging in the proper headphone jack.

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One of the reasons why phone manufacturers like to lose a crane: thinner frames. It is thin inside, and the smaller frame footprint allows for a larger screen without increasing the overall size of the phone.



Another, perhaps more cynical reason: the company’s own wireless headphones should sell better when its phones lack a wired headphone jack. Apple’s AirPods they sold like gangsters, probably in small part thanks to the cut-out iPhone connector. And Samsung got its own line of wireless headphones, Galaxy Buds,, Galaxy Buds Plus i Galaxy Buds Live, and now they exist Galaxy Buds Pro, also. So Samsung makes a lot of sense to stick to its decision to assign a headphone jack.