From video background to interface changes

Competition in the digital communications industry has risen sharply since the pandemic. Google Meet has emerged as one of the best apps for video calling, but it faces tough competitors in the form of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Today, updates are the only sure bet for gaining an edge over your competitor, and the latest Google Meet update has proven that. Here’s a guide to the new Google Meet update and why it’s already appreciated.

Google Meet Update: New Google Meet background and interface

As video calling applications have become more or less necessary nowadays, it is important that the industry recognizes the plight of all its customers and incorporates user features that will benefit everyone. Almost like referring to the reviews of its users, Google Meet has decided to make some effective changes to its interface. One of the major changes made possible by the app is moving all the controls to the bottom bar, so users don’t have to break their head looking for guides on what’s where.

Google has also introduced new Google Meet wallpapers in video format. In a few weeks, users will not only be able to choose between which beautiful images will be in the background of their call, but they will also be given the choice to place animated videos there. According to The Next Web, the company said that from now on, three new video wallpapers in the form of “classroom, entertainment and forest” will be added.

Other updates include pinning multiple users to the feed during a video call and completely hiding the feed. Furthermore, Google will provide the ability to place the user’s video in a tile or in a floating image format, so there will be more room to watch for other participants in the feed as well. Another exciting feature that is exclusive only to premium members of Google Workspace is the AI-based feature that allows the camera to be automatically zoomed to keep the user in the center and in focus in case they move.

Image source: Shutterstock