From Taehyung called V’s Yeontan to Jungkok’s Gureum – a look at the spoiled pets of the boy band

The boys from BTS captured the hearts of millions. It is a well-known fact that it is difficult for them to get quality time at home or with friends. But like us, they are angry at their pets. Here’s a look at the famous pets of the band members … Read also – BTS: V and Jimin curate rooms for BTS ARMY; add a special touch to it

V’s Pomeranian, Yeontan
The BTS army adores Kim Taehyung / Va, but the object of his affection is his Pomeranian Yeontan. When the dog was first introduced to the world, it took 15th place on Twitter. In Korean, Yeontan means “coal briquette”. They call her with love like Tannie. V posts a lot of things on social media with his bad friend. In fact, BTS fans fed the wanderers on the occasion of Tanny’s birthday to show their love for V and his special. Read also – BTS: #VDAYWITHV trends on social media as fans share Taehyung’s best quotes

RM’s Spitz, Rap Mon.
Kim Nam-joon who is known as RM has a spy named Rap Mon. Spitz looks a lot like a Pomeranian. He has been with his parents since 2013. It seems that Rap Mon could not gel RM because the latter would be absent on long tours. But that situation has been redeemed over the years by some dog treats and quality weather. Read this too – This is what BTS members RM, Jin, V, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook looked like a year ago – see pictures

Suga, Holly
Suga showed Holly to the world in 2016. His statement that Holly loves only those who feed him resonates with every dog ​​owner in the world. Fans christened him ‘Holly’s dad’. Suga was honest enough to admit that he wasn’t a dog lover per se, but Holly had hearts in the first encounter. Holly also inspired Suga in collaboration with Line Friends.

Jin, Gukmool
Jin has a sugar sailboat called Gukmool, which means “soup” in Korean. The opossum had two others, Odenga and Eomuka. When you joined them, it meant ‘Fish Cake Soup’. But these two passed away, leaving only Gukmool.

J-hope is Mickey
Mickey is a very spoiled Shi Tzu, a small breed of dog. It is a known fact that J-hope is too protective and possessive towards him. She likes to dress Mickey in a variety of custom looks. He once expressed concern about his pet snoring on a TV show.

Jungkook, Gureum
Jungkook is the proud owner of the Maltese Gureum. It means “cloud” in Korean. He lives in Busan with his family. Jungkook has working parents, and his brother is part of BTS so Gureum spends a lot of time alone.

Here is a cute picture of Jungkook with a dog below …

Jimin, Ddosun
Ddosun is a cross between a pit bull terrier and a Korean jindo. Jimin had him as a pet when he was a child. It is not known if he currently owns pets. Some time ago, he posted pictures with several retrievers. For this reason, fans nicknamed Jimin ‘Gangyangee’.

So this was the downfall of all the lovely pets of the rocking boy band, BTS!

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