From Canel Alvarez to Daniel Jacobs: Gennady Golovkin’s Best Fights

One of the most debated results in the modern era saw Gennady Golovkin convincingly reject victory over his middleweight rival, Canel Alvarez. In one of the most anticipated battles of the decade, Golovkin and Alvarez applied contrasting tactics, but the man from Kazakhstan seemed to have more success.

As Golovkin enjoyed most of the start of the fight, it was inevitable that he would slow down in the final third. Although Canelo did best in the championship rounds, his brief rally seemed to arrive too late. He had no need to worry after the ringside judges fought a draw, leading to a rematch next year that the Mexican will get after another fiercely led and exciting battle.

A fight that proved that Golovkin was much more than a mere punch, as Brooklyn’s Daniel Jacobs took him the championship distance for the first time in front of a sold-out Madison Square Garden. After a quiet start, the brawl exploded in the fourth session when Golovkin found a shot that put Jacobs on the canvas. The local man had recovered, but it was obvious that he was now aware of the power possessed by GGG.

Jacobs resorted to fighting on his hind leg after a knockdown, effectively switching to prevent Golovkin from causing further damage. Golovkin’s constant pressure gave him a nod of his head at the traffic lights, but his impressive series of 23 knockouts came to an end.

Gennady Golovkin WTKO11 Martin Murray, 2015

Martin Murray received two shocking decisions when he challenged Felix Sturm and Sergio Martinez for world honors in the middleweight division. There would have been no such controversy when he faced Golovkin in Monte Carlo in early 2015.

After Murray dropped twice in the fourth round, Golovkin grew in confidence and constantly found the goal of the brave Briton as the middle rounds progressed. When Murray was under constant pressure, the referee correctly interrupted the stoppage of the fight in the eleventh round.

Gennady Golovkin WTKO5 Kell Brook, 2016

After watching his longtime light heavyweight rival, Amir Khan, move 160 pounds to challenge Canel Alvarez, Kell Brook would do the same thing he managed to take advantage of in the attack on Golovkin in September 2016. Inspired by the sporting greats who are significant jumps in class, Brook dreamed of improving his legacy, but soon turned into a nightmare.

After doing his best to keep Golovkin at a distance with a series of nice counterattacks, the effects of uninterrupted laps at London’s O2 Arena to avoid Golovkin’s power quickly caught up with Sheffield’s man. After a few heavy shots, Brooke saved his corner in round five, and Golovkin was on the verge of securing a stop.

Gennady Golovkin WTKO8 David Lemieux, 2015

Boxing fans used to watch Golovkin’s opponent on the pair until he fought David Lemieux at the hot Madison Square Garden. Fully respecting the Canadian’s heavy hands, Golovkin approached cautiously as he decided to box Lemieux instead of going outside.

Golovkin’s precision was pleasing all the time as he showed a wide range of attacks as he slowly knocked down Lemieux. As each round passed, Lemieux visibly slowed down and when exhausted in the eighth round, Golovkin chose the perfect time to increase his attacks by forcing the intervention of a third man.

You can watch more of Golovkin’s fights, including his victory in December 2020 over Kamil Szeremet to break the record in defending the world title in the middleweight division, with a subscription to the DAZN. At DAZN, there is also a convincing original series ‘Creating GGG’, which looks behind the scenes at the career of the legendary fighter.