FRESH 3D printing could revolutionize organ transplantation

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A new method of 3D bioprinting has addressed the common problem of 3D printing of organs that could help revolutionize organ transplantation.

Research on 3D bioprints has risen sharply in recent years as scientists want to create a complex biological system from human tissue to entire organs, however, they have encountered problems distorting biological materials or bioinks that build a 3D object that creates a layered layer.

The research was published in APL Bioengineering.

Tissue making

When you use biomaterial or bioinks to print 3D organs or body tissue, gravity can distort these soft and liquid materials. This common problem poses a challenge to the fabrication of adult-sized functional tissues and organs, meaning that most 3D-printed tissue constructs to date have been relatively small compared to the tissues or organs to be replaced. Another problem is the obstacle to the long-term goal of supplementing the limited donor offer for transplantation.

A team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University has developed a 3D bioprint approach “Freefrom Reversible Embedding of Suspended Hydrogels” (FRESH), which solves the problem of bioink distortion by printing in a yield support tub that keeps bioinks in place until they harden and harden at the same time. allow the movement of the extrusion needle.

The FRESH support bath also provides an environment during the printing process that maintains high cell viability and uses non-destructive fingerprint release by heating the ink to 37 ° C to slightly dissolve the foot bath at body temperature.

Author Adam Feinberg said, “Our goal is to refresh 3D printing of complex 3D models of tissues and organs from a wide range of biocompatible hydrogels and cell-loaded bioinks.”

Researchers recently launched several studies on FRESH 3D scanning of skeletal muscle, including control of muscle architecture and regeneration of muscle tissue after volumetric muscle loss.

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