Free Game Warning: Rage 2 on your computer is yours to download

Anger 2 is a pastiche of better shooters published in the past decade, but that aspect of its design hides one huge secret for people looking for hidden gems: The combat and sense of power from rifles and the ability to play are almost unmatched in real gaming now. This is the perfect free video game if you are in the mood for a first person shooter. Which is great news, as it’s currently free in the Epic Games Store.

Anger 2The story is a mixed mess that I won’t even try to describe; let’s say you play as a chosen one with special powers and leave it at that. You explore a somewhat open world, find new weapons, break through the technological tree, and unlock a series of supernatural abilities as you fight the Authorities. You just know they feel bad with a name like that. The aesthetics of the game suggest something like splatterpunk, evoking the violent nihilism of the Borderlands series.

Original Anger was a pretty mediocre shooter from the id software, and John Carmack himself later apologized directly for the computer’s performance. So there wasn’t much that Avalanche Studios and id Software could get out of it to continue. You don’t have to worry about knowing how to tell that story from the first game you enjoy this one; it is easily forgotten and nothing of value is lost.

You may never care why you do something Anger 2, or who exactly you are going for, but the fight itself shines like a lighthouse. Or at least, once you gather some of the best weapons and abilities and make them beautiful and aligned. The interface doesn’t always make it easy, but it’s worth the hassle.

“I can use one ability to throw enemies backwards, slamming them against walls or each other,” I wrote in our original review. “I can use another ability to force the enemy to float in the air, pulling other objects towards me as if by gravity very small black holes. They can turn into a human grenade and drive into the ground, reducing everything around them to a bloodstain. They can upgrade their ability to jump high in the air until they can basically climb the face of a transparent-looking cliff with an unwanted jump button. “

This combination of abilities, as well as weapons that all sound and feel brutally powerful in action, makes Anger 2 into a creative playground of violence. The way you’re going to kill is up to you, and you can spend a lot of time on menus creating fun content to get out there and just put shit to sleep.

Anger 2 it was a heavy sale when it was launched at a price of $ 59.99, but at a price of zero dollars, you absolutely should grab it. It’s a game that exists within the general shell of attitude and false sharpness, and that can be boring. But it can also be fun to giggle with the usual toy tropes and silly narrative excuses of how your player character has become the most powerful fighter on the battlefield.

Regardless, hidden within this OK game is one of the best examples of weapon design and selection I’ve seen in a long time. I’m always just interested in seeing my arsenal grow and communicate with the world as I go further and kill everyone I see to … do whatever I try. There has never been a better time to remove all your frustrations on virtual villains who are happy to die by the thousands.