Fortnite’s omissions reveal subtle hints that point to WandaVision collaboration

Rumors suggesting WandaVision’s collaboration with Fortnite have accelerated the pace after new discoveries reveal the same.

There is no lack of cooperation with Fortnite, especially during the last seasons. The extraordinary collaboration of all must be the one with Marvel, who saw more superheroes from the comic series find themselves on Fortnite Island.

However, since Galactus appeared at the end of the Nexus Wars, Fortnite has gone through many collaborations. From PlayStation’s Kratos to Xbox’s Master Chief, the collaboration has led to a situation where many players feel that Fortnite lacks original content.

Still, based on Fortnite’s latest leak, the game could soon be set up in multiple collaborations. Fan theories about these leaks have even continued to suggest the safety of WandaVision collaps in Fortnite.

Fortnite x WandaVision could be the next collaboration.

Based on the leaks that appeared in connection with the upcoming characters in Fortnite, the game will get two new hunters and another character. However, there was no concrete evidence regarding the identity of these three characters.

However, fan theories and speculation don’t seem to stop suggesting WandaVision collaborate with Fortnite. Despite all the cries and rumors from the community, the appearance of Wanda Maximoff or Vision from the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains a bit unbelievable.

This is because the previous collaboration Fortnite had with Marvel was completely canonical and related to the comic book universe. Given that Marvel Cinematic Universe follows its own stories and costumes, the appearance of references from the TV series does not seem very likely.

Still, that hasn’t stopped some fans from making demands and predictions regarding the leaked information. After massive success in the first six episodes of WandaVision, Epic Games could very likely seek money from another current topic to boost Fortnite’s popularity.

However, there was no official communication regarding this issue from either Epic Games or Marvel. This leaves the entire community in anxious anticipation to see who the upcoming characters and hunters in Fortnite will be.

Posted February 17, 2021 at 9:09 PM IST