Flappy Bird revived as an interactive MacOS notification

Flappy Bird hasn’t graced the Apple App Store in years, nor since his a meteoric rise in popularity back in 2014 before its creator just as fast downloaded offline. Now a furiously addictive mobile game is reincarnated in a pattern no one expected: an interactive macOS notification.

Use the new customization toolkit added with Apple macOS Big Sur update, iOS engineer Neil Sardesai has successfully put together a version of the game that can be fully played in push notification. It’s technical clone the original created by PlayCanvas creator Will Eastcott with a significantly smaller file size (28 KB), which fits him perfectly given the strict memory limitations of Apple’s user notification interface.

Flappy Bird it’s not the first game Sardesai has managed to squeeze into Apple’s interfaces. He previously made a classic game Pong play as icon on Mac dock and will fit into the iconic Google Chrome browser game Dino Runner on the Mac menu bar.

“Lately, I’ve been trying to find fun ways to push the limitations of various macOS APIs,” he told Gizmodo via email on Sunday.

When browsing Apple documentation on the framework for creating and customizing user notifications, he noted that the latest version of macOS allows developers to add “interactive controls” to notifications. Apple suggests several potential uses for developers, such as adding buttons or switches, but Sardesai has taken a step forward, deciding instead to “try to incorporate the game into a notification.”

He exposed final product on Twitter this week with a mouse click they replaced the screen tapping devices used in the original Flappy Bird to progress. Spoiler Warning: This is frustrating as far as you can remember.

It’s safe to assume that when Apple decided to add interactive features to its notifications, it didn’t really have gaming development in mind. You have to admire ingenuity, and I love that the unofficial mission of the Internet is to find the most powerful technology you can program to run video games.

And yes, before you say anything, we have already asked Sardesai an inevitable question: Can he run Doom?

Doom in a push notification it would be impressive, ”he said. “Worth a try!”