Final Fantasy VIII is now on iOS and Android

Often forgotten Final Fantasy VIII broke through to smartphones, just decades after it first debuted.

Today, Square Enix launched the classic role-playing game on iOS and Android; it’s currently available for $ 16.99, but that price will jump to $ 20.99 starting April 5th. Final Fantasy VIII first launched on the original PlayStation back in 1999, although this version is a newer remaster, which has hit consoles like the Xbox One, PS4 and Switch 2019. The game is also available on Steam. In addition to improved visuals, the remaster also includes some changes in quality of life, such as the option to speed up combat and worldwide exploration.

And doc Final Fantasy VII tends to garner most of the nostalgia of the franchise – and a big-budget remake – VIII was a notable entry into the series, the one he saw Final Fantasy expand on adult storytelling. It was still full of battles, monsters, and magic, but the core of the experience was in the budding romance.

“The Final Fantasy the series has always placed emphasis on drama and with Final Fantasy VII, from a broad perspective, I believe we have reached the climax of showing a story in which “the protagonists face a great force of evil,” said director Yoshinori Kitase The Verge in 2019

“On the other hand, the series has since evolved on a more granular level Final Fantasy IV, because it began to include narratives that focused on the emotions of the characters. With the advancement of CG technology that allows for a gentler expression of characters ’emotions, we have decided to take on the challenge of focusing on“ love, ”which is our theme deeper into the inner aspect of humanity. “