FG publish details of the passport of passengers who escaped the COVID test

The Presidential Working Group (PTF) for COVID-19 says it will soon publish the passport numbers of 100 passengers who refused to undergo the mandatory COVID-19 test after returning to the country.

Passengers must pass the test seven days after arrival.

At a briefing Thursday, Sani Aliyu, PTF’s national coordinator, said passport holders would be suspended from traveling for at least six months due to an unnecessary testing obligation.

He added that visas for foreigners who avoid the mandatory test will be revoked.

Aliyu said 100 affected people were contacted and confirmed that they failed to take the test upon arrival.

He said only their passport numbers would be released, not their names, adding that sanctions would be taken against others in the category of those who avoided the COVID-19 test.

The coordinator said that people caught in presenting false negative results of the COVID travel test will be punished.

“From now on, especially for those coming from Great Britain and South Africa, we will pay special attention to these flights. If you do not take the test on the seventh day, by the 10th day you will automatically enter the list of suspensions and travel documents, your passport will be suspended for at least six months, “he said.

“If you have a foreign passport with a visa, we will revoke your visa. And since we are able to track a smaller group of people than a larger number of people, which has always been a challenge we have, we can now apply that, especially for passengers coming from these routes until further notice.

“In addition, this weekend we will publish the first list of 100 passport numbers – Nigerian passport numbers – which will be suspended for six months. We have already contacted these passengers and confirmed that they did not have a PCR test for COVID-19. We will not publish names, but we will publish passport numbers. ”

At the last briefing, the head of Mustapha, the chairman of the working group, said that a total of 20,216 passengers in the vehicle refused to appear for the test after the arrival they reported, thus endangering members of the public.

He said the PTF had concluded arrangements with the Nigerian Immigration Service “to impose sanctions on those defaulters for violating public health protocols, within the law.”