FG announces the closure of the Bridge on the Third Land

The federal government has announced the 72-hour closure of the Third Land Bridge to allow the casting of three expansion joints on the strip connected to the Island.

Olukayode Popoola, the federal supervisor of works, told NAN on Tuesday that the closure of the bridge would take effect from midnight on Saturday, December 26, until midnight on Monday, December 28.

Popoola said passengers would sail across the bridge to celebrate Christmas, but that it would be closed after the celebration, noting that the bridge had reached the stage of pouring concrete on an additional three expansion joints.

“There will be a complete closure of the Bridge on the Third Land to allow the casting of three numerous expansion joints on the Island Bound strip,” he said.

“The closing date takes effect from 12:00 midnight on December 25. So people will be allowed to use the Third Land Bridge to celebrate Christmas.

“As Christmas progresses, which is 12:00 at midnight, we will close it, so that we can pour the concrete on Saturday, the 26th and 27th, which we threw again.

“And it takes us about 72 hours for the concrete to set. Therefore, the opening will be at midnight on December 28, ie closing at 72 o’clock.

“This is to prevent the bridge from vibrating. If we allow vehicles to move in one lane, vibrations will occur and the concrete will not be laid properly. “

In an attempt to avoid the impending traffic jam, the controller said that traffic regulation agencies will be deployed to manage traffic, adding that alternative routes are in good condition.

Popoola also said that the Lagos-Ibadan highway will be partially closed for 48 hours from December 28 to December 29.

“Supplier, Messers Julius Berger wants to place crossbeams at kilometer 16, that is, around the MFM,” he said.

“The area will be fenced, the closure of that part will be held from 12:00 on December 28 and will be opened to traffic until 5:00 the next day.

“At 200 meters to that particular place, we have a turn and another turn at 200 meters from that place.

“One lane will be released, we will only close one lane at a time. The first lane we will close is the outer Lagos, it is the pavement connected to Ibadan, we will close it 28.

“And then the next day, the 29th, we move to another lane in the interior of Lagos. Same from 12:00 to 05:00. “