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It’s been three years since we sat down on Christmas with the Feather Birds crew and they’ve welcomed us this year more than ever.

The coronavirus specter overshadowed everyone’s year to a greater or lesser extent, and the pandemic was done in a comical way in a narrative about a special Christmas bird. How could there be any other way when Dorien and Tracey get together?

Unfortunately, Sharon will not be included in the special – she got stuck on a cruise to other parts of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, BOAF star Pauline Quirke dropped out of the special because of other work commitments.

While Sharon will miss the antics of Tracey and Dorien, including her new boyfriend Graeme, played by former Family Happiness host Les Dennis, they are destined to entertain us.

When is a Christmas feather bird special on TV?

A Christmas special called “We Must Get Away from This Place” will be shown in 21.15 on Christmas Eve (Thursday, December 24) on ITV.

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The core of the cast of Birds of Feathers are three old friends, Tracey Stubbs (Linda Robson),, Dorien Green (Lesley Joseph) i Sharon (Pauline Quirke), and their various relegations and returns. Unfortunately, Sharon got stuck on a cruise that a pandemic on the other side of the world called.

The producers hope to fill the Sharon-shaped hole with a comedy with a guest star Les Dennis like Dorien’s new flame Graeme, a comedian’s cameo Curtis Walker, as well as Ami Metcalf starring Jordan, a young friend of Tracey’s, who is threatened with the coldest Christmas, spending it alone in prison So, a life story.

Why is Pauline Quirke in Feather Christmas Birds not special?

It is hard to imagine Feather Birds without Sharon Theodopolopodous and her unfortunate ventures. But actress Pauline Quirke has dropped out of the Christmas special because she is so busy running her 200 art academies – PQA schools are located across the UK.

We hope that the actress will return for every future edition of the ITV comedy, which was shown for the first time in 1989 and became a national institution during the 90s.

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As alluded to, the Birds of aa Feather are not running away from the coronavirus and while Sharon was sunbathing at sea, Tracey and Dorien were driving each other with a certificate, while hiding at our favorite address in Essex … Imagine a week in isolation with Dorien, it doesn’t matter for months.

Details are limited regarding the plot, but we know Dorien has a new tomboy, Graeme, played by Les Dennis.

Joseph said, “I’m so excited to be putting Dorien’s high heels back on again for the Christmas bird special. It’s been three years since viewers last saw us, and Dorien just went and got a new man! Right now we all need a laugh and I promise this special will deliver festive merchandise! “

Robson added: “I am overjoyed to have a new bird adventure. Trace and Dor have been arguing for months, will it be a peaceful Christmas in Essex ?! The script for this special is great, I promise we will make the fans laugh. “

Is there a trailer for the Christmas special “Birds of Feathers”?

There is no special offer trailer available yet, but we will update the article as soon as it is published.

Who is behind the Christmas Feather Birds special?

The lifelong creative team of Laurence Marx and Maurice Gran once again wrote the specialty Birds of Feathers. The duo – which includes Goodnight, Honey and New Statesman – created the BOAF in the late 1980s, and the series about the wives of several criminals won 12 million audiences in the first series.

It’s hard to believe now, but Birds of a Feather caused controversy at the time because audiences weren’t used to watching women on television talk openly about sex.

The duo writer said in a statement: “We are really excited to help bring the feathery birds back to ITV screens to give the nation seasonal joy in these unusual times.”

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