Fans react to WWE Legend the Rock TV show ‘Young Rock’, episode 2 | Bleacher Report

Cast member Dwayne Johnson poses for photographers at the Los Angeles premiere

Jordan Strauss / Associated Press

As it began its second episode, Young Rock set herself an almost impossible task: to surpass the spectacle of the younger Ed Orgeron.

Part of the series pilot showed Dwayne “Rock” Johnson arriving in Miami and meeting Orgeron, who was the Hurricane’s defense line coach at the time.

Monday’s episode included a story from Johnson about how he tried to impress a high school girl named Karen, going so far as to say his name was “Thomas” because it sounded better. However, his significant frame and choice of fashion made him look much older than he actually was:

This is probably not surprising, but The Rock managed to get to the girl’s number anyway:

Their first meeting didn’t go according to plan at first because his father Rocky Johnson wasn’t entirely honest when describing the location of his upcoming wrestling performance. Rocky eventually won Karen over with his work in the ring:

The episode ended with The Rock knocking out a classmate who called wrestling “fake,” giving such an important lesson:

Whatever you do, don’t question the legitimacy of professional wrestling when talking to someone who comes wrestling fee.