Fans call Rebecca jealous and insecure about Zied Paranoia

Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi have problems with their 90-day fiancé. Viewers called out the mother because of her jealous and insecure behavior.

Like many of their teammates, Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi dealt with relationship problems in the eighth season. 90-day fiancé. One of the couple’s biggest problems is trust, which was shown in a recent episode of the hit TLC show. As fans eagerly watched the new episode, many were skeptical of Rebecca’s reaction to the blonde woman talking to Zied. Commentators turned to a fan account on Instagram to express concern about Rebecca’s seemingly insecure behavior.

Like other couples who have appeared in the franchise, Rebecca and Zied have a significant age gap. Rebecca, who is 49 in the show, is 22 years older than Zied. The 27-year-old seems to be second only to his older mother in his life. Fans also expressed concern about the Rebecca family’s ability to accept Tunisian Zied’s cultural differences, including his Muslim faith. Although it has been revealed that Rebecca is secretly still married to a former Moroccan scammer, her mother has expressed suspicion and jealousy towards Zied that fans do not like.

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Rebecca shared the text with her Instagram story as the episode aired Sunday night. “Who is watching and waiting for our dinner ?!“She wrote. “Ohhh my god. I was so angry about the blonde who hit Zieda!”Her post quickly published a fan account @ 90dayfiancefanatics2 and fans quickly weighed in with their opinions. Many fans quickly expressed their opinion that Rebecca had misunderstood the situation. “Sit seemed to him as if he was just being kind because he was new to America, “one person commented.”She didn’t flirt 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄, “another person answered.”She didn’t even hit him, she’s just super insecure, “added a third person. Below you can see the announcement of the fan account:

Many commentators found Rebecca’s behavior jealous and unhealthy. Some believe the age difference is what drives Rebecca’s insecurity. “She is too insecure in her old age and is so difficult, “the viewer wrote, while another added,”You should get someone your age“Others have started Rebecca’s photo editing, which some fans find problematic.”Maybe if she accepted what she really looked like, not how she wanted to look with the line … Then she wouldn’t be so insecure, “commented another viewer. Viewers have noticed that Rebecca on her social media accounts seems very different from the one on the show.

While Rebecca’s insecurities show up, the mother reveals some of the actions she had for her 50th birthday. The American smoothed some lines on her face, let her daughter dye her hair and even made her lips with injections. Rebecca also revealed a slimmer figure to her followers after the weight loss surgery. So she seems to be working to feel comfortable in her own skin, even though some fans feel like them 90-day fiancé the star should focus on internal problems, rather than correcting perceived external shortcomings.

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90-day fiancé is broadcast on Sundays at 20:00 ET on TLC.

Source: @ 90dayfiancefanatics2 / Instagram, Rebecca Parrott / Instagram

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