Fans are playing ‘Dream Snatch Game’ for season 13

As the Snatch Game arrives, fans are guessing which stars will represent the queens of season 13. Will their predictions come true?

One of the most anticipated episodes of each RuPaul’s Drag Race the season has finally arrived – Snatch Game. The queens show off their comic chops and improvisation every season in front of RuPaulo and fans. This year, 13 queens of the season have proven their talent and fans are posting celebrities who want to see the queens play in this round of the Snatch Game.

The Snatch Game episode comes in the middle of each season, when the cast is slowly disappearing. Queens have the task of devising their best imitation of celebrities, but they must not only look like celebrities, but also perform a hilarious performance. The real goal is “let it be funny, “As Ru likes to say, and fans have ideas about which queens would be the funniest as well as which celebrities.

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Olivia Lux – Chrissy Tiegen

It’s no secret that fans think Olivia and Chrissy Teigen look similar, so a smart model on Twitter would be the obvious choice for Olivia Lux. The resemblance is odd, but Olivia would have to laugh anyway. Chrissy Teigen is known for her cheeky personality, which could translate into some hilarious material.

Denali Foxx – Ariana Grande

Fans have noticed a resemblance between the figure skating queen and singer Ariana Grande. Although they think it could be spotted at the fake presentation, they question whether Denali could make Ariana funny. Maybe Denali has something to find humor in a pint-sized singer.

Gottmik – Paris Hilton

Fans think high fashion queen Gottmik could make a great impression on Paris Hilton. They also think that Gottmik could play Miley Cyrus in Snatch Game, but that Paris Hilton has more comic potential.

Rosé – Lindsay Lohan

Rosé could potentially steal the show with a quality presentation by Lindsay Lohan. Fans think Rosé would have a lot to play with portraying Lindsay Lohan. Rosé could even work her imposing tubes on parodying Lindsay’s short music career.

Symone – Grace Jones

Legendary 80s model and icon Grace Jones is the first fan choice for Symone. The Queen could try Rihanna after the singer entered Symone’s DMs, but fans think Grace Jones would be a better opportunity. Grace Jones might have been hard to make funny, but had the look been strong enough, the humor might have followed.

Elliott – Kristen Chenoweth

Fans want to see Elliott take over Broadway giant Kristen Chenoweth. The star’s childish voice would provide ample opportunities for hilarity, that is, if Elliott could perform it. It’s a tough character to present, but if done right, it could be the legendary Snatch Game performance.

Tina Burner – Jennifer Coolidge

Fans think Tina Burner would make the amazing Jennifer Coolidge. The actress, best known as Stifler’s mother in American Pie movies, is already quite a character, so the jokes are there. But based on her previous stylistic aesthetics, Tina could choose Ronald McDonald instead.

Utica – Taylor Swift

Although Uma Thurman has also been suggested as an option, fans think Utica would have a better chance of success by doing Taylor Swift. The singer is an icon of pop culture and Utica would have a lot of inspiration. Fans think Utica’s gangling limbs and clumsiness would be a ridiculous look at Taylor Swift.

Kandy Muse – Cardi B

Some fans have called Kandy a bully, but recognize that her strong personality could be helpful in Snatch Game. Rapper Cardi B was thrown back as a great option for a portrait of Kandy, and Kandy certainly has the courage to perform it.

Seasons RuPaul’s Drag Race are pre-recorded so queens can’t listen to fan advice regarding their presentation of the Snatch Game. But fans are still curious as to whether they got accurate predictions about the safe epic season of 13 Snatch Game.

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Source: Reddit

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