Facebook launches new stickers to encourage vaccination against COVID-19 on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp

Marking World Health Day and the wider introduction of COVID-19, Facebook is today launched new stickers both on Instagram and WhatsApp to encourage people to get vaccinated if possible.

Facebook already launched similar stickers and profile frames in its main app late last week, when it also announced a broader initiative to encourage vaccination by showing which of your friends used stickers in their posts.

A new visual tool has now been launched at IG, which will be included in the new initiative.

Instagram stickers against vaccines

As he explained Facebook:

“Share the story of Instagram using the “I got vaccinated” sticker. When you do, they will become part of a shared story with others who have used the sticker and will connect with the COVID-19 Information Center to help others learn more about the vaccine. “

The idea is that showing which of your friends has already received the vaccine will encourage further taking through a form of peer pressure. Well, maybe ‘pressure’ isn’t the right word, but previous Facebook research has shown that incentives like this that show what actions your friends have taken can encourage further action on the same.

WhatsApp also added its own stickers, created in partnership with the World Health Organization, to also encourage download.

Vaccine stickers WhatsApp

In isolation, this may seem like a relatively small addition to the wider vaccine boost, but again, research has shown that such incentives can be effective, and simple reminders like this can be all it takes to vaccinate as many people as possible, bringing us closer once again. in normal.

Vaccine resistance remains a major cause for concern as we intend to move to the next phase of global introduction, with ongoing speculation about the composition of treatment and its potential impacts, still widespread among medical disinformation and pseudoscience advocacy groups. In fact, Facebook itself may be responsible for much of this resistance – but medical experts agree that this is the best way forward, and the most effective and safest way to get us back to normal life as soon as possible.

As such, it is important that social platforms, which provide the greatest reach among individuals, implement such initiatives to encourage acceptance.

It may seem like a relatively small step, but its impact can be significant.