Facebook adds support for zooming video calls to Portal TV, allowing you to hold video meetings on your TV

With the introduction of the vaccine already underway and the possible end of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are planning to return to the office and return their employees to their central space.

But many people now want to stay home, at least part-time, to improve the work-life balance. The opportunities provided by such changes during the WFH have changed people’s perspectives – and Facebook wants to provide more tools to help people be as productive as possible from their home office.

Here comes this new add-on for Facebook’s video calling device Portal.

As Facebook explained:

“In addition to Workplace on Portal, last year we introduced support for BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, Webex and Zoom on Portal Mini, Portal and Portal +. And now we’re adding Zoom and GoToMeeting to Portal TV so you can connect with family, friends and colleagues using the biggest screen in your home. “

Yes, you can now connect your Zoom Gathering to your home TV via the Portal TV, which will provide another way to stay connected while continuing to work from home.

Facebook portal Portal offers various advantages in this regard, using its tools “Smart Camera” that keep you in the frame and “Smart Sound” to improve the sound during speech, and at the same time reduce background noise. Facebook also notes that holding a meeting on a separate screen frees up your computer, so you can keep working and search for relevant details during the conversation.

Now your favorite zoom function expands to the largest screen in your home, so you can work from both the couch and the table. These include merging rooms to break up ideas into smaller groups, integrating calendars to stay up to date with your schedule, sharing screens to improve remote collaboration, and virtual backgrounds to enhance your overall experience. And while Zooming in to Portal TV is great for your work calls, it’s also a great way to connect with friends and family when the work day is over. “

It was interesting to see how Zoom became synonymous with a new work from domestic culture, with the term becoming a verb, similar to “googling,” underlining its rapid branding in space. Facebook would love to focus all of this on Portal’s original meeting tools, but that will also require an increase in sales, and the Portal’s sales have been really solid over the past year.

Indeed, portal sales have increased tenfold since March 2020, and yet, with more people wanting to continue working from home, at least in some capacity, you can expect the adoption of the Portal to expand, among other devices for video calls, scroll forward.

Adding more functionality is key to this pressure, and adding Zoom integration to Portal TV is a good update in that regard.