Facebook adding contextual tags to pages seen in the news

Facebook has announced that it will start adding tags to articles from Facebook pages that appear in members ’news as a way to provide more context for the type of page that produced the article. This is a test that is limited to the United States.

Examples of stickers that can be applied are “public official, “”fan page“I”page of satire. ”

Context Facebook page

There are cases where understanding the context of an article is important because the article makes more sense when there is additional information.

For example, some articles in the Facebook news feed are satire. Satire is humor, often in the form of exaggerations or incredible situations intended to ridicule people and other entities.

But sometimes satire can seem like a real person who is unaware that something is meant for a joke and the title of the article can be taken as fact.

Here’s a screenshot of The Onion’s satirical news report. It seems like real news, but it’s really just satire.

Screenshot of The Onion Facebook video reminiscent of a news report

In this case, it is satirical “news” that mocks certain anxieties of smokers because others become aware that they smoke marijuana.


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Facebook posted a tweet about the new policy:

“As of today, we in the United States are testing a way to give people more context about the Pages they see. Gradually, we’ll start applying tags, including “public servant,” “fan page,” or “satire page” to posts in the News Feed so people can better understand who they’re coming from. “

The response to Facebook’s announcement on Twitter reflected today’s hyperpolitical environment and general distrust of big technologies.

Who will apply article tags to Facebook pages?

However, some valid concerns have been expressed about bias in the labeling process and whether some labels will be unfair. These fears may be unfounded.

The tweet announcing Facebook’s new policy contained a policy FAQ that implies that Facebook pages themselves will be able to tag themselves.


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Here’s what happened in the FAQ:

What are the pages of satire?

They are a way for people to share social comments using humor, exaggeration and absurdity to highlight their point of view.

Why are they labeled as Satire Pages?

Posts from satirical sites can look very similar to posts from public figures or conventional news sources. Pages can be marked as satire pages to avoid this confusion. “

A quote from a frequently asked question about labels strongly implies that Facebook pages label themselves. If this is the case, then there should be no fear of applying an inappropriate label.

Screenshot of Facebook page Article tag

Facebook FAQ

While it appears that Facebook page administrators will be able to choose their own tags, it would still be wise for anyone who manages social networks exposed in the United States to monitor whether Facebook adds an article tag to Facebook page posts that appear in Facebook news membership and validation if those article tags they describe exactly what the Facebook page is about.


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Read the Facebook announcement on Twitter