Extremely rare Fortnite leather “Sterling” is back in the game, last seen more than 435 days ago

Fortnite has a lot of great skins that players can use in the game. Since most of these skins are on a rotational basis, there are a few that don’t go back into action.

Sterling leather in Fortnite

The Sterling skin at Fortnite was part of a 24K set released in 2019. It was an epic layer of leather and was a male counterpart to Luxe skin, which won the award for reaching level 100 on the battlefield in season 8 – Chapter 1.

But after 435 days, the leather finally returned to the Fortnite store.

The set also includes a diamond star with a bling. The back bling is basically black and is star shaped with black diamonds around the edge and a huge diamond in the middle.

This whole package costs $ 1,500 and will probably be available for some time to come, as it arrived at the store after so long. This skin was so rare up to this point that most players didn’t even know it existed. But for those who have known about it and have wanted this skin for a while, it’s to grab.

The Silver Sledge is a pick axe which is sold separately for 800 V-bucks in Fortnite, is also a part of the total Sterling outfit (Image via Epic Games)

Although their ability to disable pre-editing missed the target, the developers promised to fix it in early 2021 via tweet.

Posted December 25, 2020, 1:18 AM IST