Extans ’new Akhal Sheen bike is a tall two-wheeled piece of jewelry – the Robb Report

We’re only a third of the way to 2021, but it seems unlikely you’ll see a nicer bike than Extans Akhal Sheen this year.

Inspired by the world of high jewelry, the two-wheeler is the last entry into the Akhal line of carbon fiber bicycles from the British design house. It’s not even a look either, as the blue-and-gold bike is also equipped with all the premium components that hardcore cyclists require.

Named after one of the oldest horse breeds, the Akhal-Teke, the bike has a simple and elegant frame made of monocotyledonous carbon fibers. At the front, connected to a chrome-plated head tube, you’ll find a full-carbon steering wheel with integrated holder and a custom fork made of the same material. At the rear, the Extans skipped the traditional seat tube – as is increasingly the case with sleek, premium road bikes – opting instead for a clamp made from a single aluminum billet and a full-carbon seat post. What really puts the bike on top is its bold color scheme. The entire bike, from wheel to seat, is done in a rich midnight blue hue with 24-carat gold accents.

Expands Akhal Sheen


Almost as impressive as the style of the bike is its engineering design. The single-speed bike is equipped with Gates Carbon Drive, Shimano Alfine crankshaft, Shimano Dura Ace brakes and Mavic Ellipse Pro carbon wheels wrapped in Pirella P Zero Tires, according to the design house. Even better, this configuration puts the bike on light feathers at 21 lbs. Extans only offers one frame size, but that should do the trick for drivers between heights of 5’6 “and 6’4.”

You will have to move fast to get hold of Akhal Sheen. Extans has announced that it will make only 19 copies of the beautiful cruiser. You need to inquire directly with the company about prices, although we would expect the price to come to the top of the market. Previous entries in the Akhal, Shine (White and Black) and Shadow (Black and Silver) series cost $ 20,000 and $ 25,000, respectively, and both had 99 pieces in production.