Explanation of the end of the flight attendant: Who killed Alex and how season 2 is set

Main spoilers down for the entire First Stewardess season, now make sure your seat is upright before reading.

With all eight episodes falling in less than a month, the acclaimed thriller HBO Max Stewardess sent viewers a winter farewell with the TV equivalent of reading a summer beach. Based on the actual book by Chris Bohjalian, Stewardess delivered a lot of drunken turbulence for Cassie Bowden of Kaley Cuoco and a host of other characters ahead of the Season 1 finale. But it all came to an end (for now) with the episode “Arrivals and Departures”, which tied loose threads of stories in ways that practically begged for ordering a second season.

In fact, StewardessThe finale could have been a pretty frustrating television watch had HBO Max not made such an order from Season 2 the day after the finale was announced. But let’s go through all the main bars below, from the definitive answer to who killed Alex Sokol’s Michiel Huisman, to how Cassie eventually got through, to the turnaround that came completely out of the left field.