Experts assess the danger of asteroids approaching Earth :: Society :: RBC

: Oto: Alexander Gerst / ESA / Getty Images

The three asteroids approaching Earth on December 25 are not in danger and must fly away. This was made clear by the experts interviewed by RBC.

“Such a distance is too far from the Earth and it is unlikely that it will reach the planet,” said Dr. Alexander Panov, a leading researcher in physics and mathematics at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University.

Written by NASA asteroids YM1 and 501647 from the Aton group on December 25, 2020 (whose orbits share Earth’s orbit). The largest asteroid is 501647, which can be up to 210 meters in size, and the others are smaller. The size of YM1 in 2020 should not exceed 3.1–7 m, and in 2020 XY should be 21 to 47 m.

The smallest asteroid, 2020. YM1, will be closest to Earth. The maximum distance from its center to the center of the Earth will be greater than 629 thousand kilometers. The largest asteroid will have a distance of more than 3 million kilometers.

According to Mikhail Marov, a Soviet, Russian astronomer and academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, celestial bodies are less than 200 meters and three or four times the distance they fly above the earth.