EVOS Esports presents the PUBG Mobile list

Image via EVOS Esports

EVOS Esports has revealed its PUBG Mobile on the eve of the third season of the Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia. The organization received a direct invitation to the event.

The lineup consists of Putra “Lyzerg” Pitoy, Nizar “Mircroboy” Lugatio Pratama, Eksa “RedFace” Rachman Jayanto and Sabda “Auro” Bisma Bawaleksana. While Lyzerg has been in EVOS since June 2020, the remaining three players are new to the team.

The most significant EVOS signature is Microboy. The player was previously part of the Bigetron Red Aliens, with whom he was crowned the 2019 World Champion. Last year he won the World League (PMWL) East, PMPL Indonesia and PMPL SEA. He also managed to get second place in the league phase of the World Cup (PMGC).

Auro and RedFace were previously part of ION Esports, which placed second in the league phase of PMPL Indonesia, behind Bigetron. The Indonesian region was usually a matter of one team, and no team could beat Bigetron RA. With this new list, EVOS Esports will try to change that.

The third season of Indonesia’s PMPL will be the first official tournament where this new roster will be seen in action. Tournament details have not yet been revealed.

Yesterday, EVOS said goodbye to Alfin “Morpheus” Pratam and Fatria “EXC” Airlang Lubis, who have been part of the team since the beginning of 2020.