Everything you need to know about Jova Dufren, Yara’s boyfriend

Jovi Dufren’s toothy smile and interesting job are already winning over fans of 90 days of fiancé. Get to know the residents of Nola who live around the world better.

Although Yara Zaya thought so 90-day fiancéJovi Dufren’s bouquet was small, his big smile captured the hearts of many. One of six Americans from Season 8 who happily found their international lovers, Jovi intrigued TLC viewers with his bad boy behavior and of course his unique job. But is there any more knowledge of Yara’s boyfriend who can’t wait to show her his Southern Louisiana origins? Here’s a look 90-day fiancéis the latest star of Jovi.

Although Jovi’s mother is still worried about Yare fitting into his hunting and fishing stuff and outdoors, she seems to be doing her best to impress the Ukrainian fiancé in the first episode. However, as a trailer for 90-day fiancé Season 8 is already split, Jovi (30) and Yara (25) will have an uneven ride. Jovi could release a picture of her boyfriend from a party that could put him in hot water, or maybe drink whiskey at 8:50, but this New Orleans man is predicted to give Yari a lot of tears. However, despite the fact that he was clearly not ready for marriage, 90-day fiancé viewers saw that Jovi was the perfect fiancé, taking his flowers and setting up the apartment. Still, would the two weeks Jovie have left to spend with Yara before she turns into Tania Maduro 2.0 be enough to 90-day fiancé a couple who will get involved in a holy marriage? Or will Jovi prefer to love underwater animals and adventure rather than calm down?

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Jovi, born on January 21, 1990, told the story of how he met Yara in the premiere episode of the film 90-day fiancé season 8. Jovi who loves trucks has discovered that, although he loves the vibes of New Orleans, he grew up in Bayou, in the small town of Larose in the state of Louisiana. “It is a basic swamp and swamp“, Shared Jovi and added that culture and family are very important for him. Being on ships is in Jovi’s blood, because he spent his summers on shrimp boats, so it’s easy to start a career in underwater robotics. According to StarsOffline, since graduating from South Lafourche High School in 2008, Jovi is currently working as a supervisor for ROV in C-innovation. His job allows him to travel around the world with him, as he has marked 60 countries on his dice list so far.

It was on one such trip that after feeling bored, 90-day fiancéJovi met Ukrainian Yara in a travel app. After a brief conversation, Jovi, who loves beaches, diving and travel, found a lot of common interests with Yara, whom he eventually met and connected (thanks to wine) in Budapest. For the next six months, whenever Jovi got some free time, young 90-day fiancé a couple who were vacationing in the Dominican Republic, Bali, as well as Yarova Ukraine, until they realized they were pregnant, and he thought he was cheating. But leaving behind his fear that Yara would use him for a green card, Jovi proposed 90-day fiancéYara was underwater and applied for her K-1 visa, after which she unfortunately underwent an abortion. And while Jovi was a little deterred from starting a new life in the United States, he still decided to continue with his original plan for Yara.

I am such a very simple person. A little fishing here and there. Have a few beers and that’s it, ”Jovi admitted 90-day fiancé whose Instagram repeats his “fun too“Attitude. So far, the TLC star has gained 1741 followers on his profile where he, beer, beaches, cocktails, friends and football are in almost all posts.

Surprisingly, Yara also appears on 90-day fiancé an old IG feed, perhaps hinting that they are still together. Perhaps, despite the turbulence, Jovi and Yara’s reality TV journey has arrived at its destination.

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90-day fiancé season 8 airs Mondays at 8:00 PM EST on TLC.

Source: Jovi Dufren / Instagram, StarsOffline

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