Everything revealed in connection with Ben Affleck’s Batman movie story

Ben Affleck’s solo film about Batman was never made, but after Affleck returned to DCEU in The Flash, here’s what we know about his abandoned story.

It may never get to the big screen, but thanks to the leak of the stories, it is known fairly about what Ben Affleck left Batman the film would be. Affleck’s time of Caped Crusader was certainly a slide, from the huge reaction of fans to his casting to many who considered him the best version of the character after Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice in the middle of the polarized reception of the film. Although Affleck made a solo film about Batman, he eventually resigned as director and later left DC Extended Universe 2019 altogether, in theatrical ruin. Justice League which occur between the two.

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Dawn of the planet monkey director Matt Reeves subsequently took the helm Batman, playing Robert Pattinson as his Bruce Wayne, and establishing the film as its own separate continuity outside of DCEU. Although Affleck apparently closed the door in his days in Gotham City, his departure was later followed by the announcement that Justice League Snyder Cut will debut on HBO Max 2021. A few months later, Affleck officially signed back as Batman in Andy Muschietti’s The Flash, which will also feature Michael Keaton who will appear as his version of Batman, thanks to the plot elements of the movie Multiverse.

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Although most of Affleck’s early days while Batman was plagued by behind-the-scenes questions, his return to both Snyder Cut and The Flash has delighted many fans in love with his portrayal, and thanks to DC’s Multiverse strategy, his return doesn’t undermine what Matt Reeves planned Batman. With all of this, many are still deeply curious about what Affleck planned for his stand-alone Batman film, and some details have managed to elude the public about what has taken shape.

Affleck’s screenplay was presented by Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum 2

Cinema Robert Richardson was awarded to director of photography for Affleck’s Batman film, and he revealed in an interview with Josh Horowitz on Happy Sad Confused the podcast the movie dived into “aspects of madness“. As it turns out, this would be pretty literal, with Richardson explaining that the film would include Arkham Asylum and.”the darker side of BatmanGiven how far Bruce Wayne was Batman v Superman and the redemption he was to experience (and will now experience) in Snyder Cut,, it’s hard to fully assess how Affleck’s film would dive into Batman’s dark side, though a little more could go into Affleck’s Bruce Wayne’s past. At the same time, the discovery of the Arkham asylum contains a little more meat.

Although Arkham is part of previous Batman movies, in particular Batman begins, has never really been a centralized setting in the way Richardson’s description sounds. Given that Arkham is notorious for the worst criminal elements of Gotham City, it is known as the basis of a very popular Batman: Arkham video game franchise, so it’s possible that Affleck drew some inspiration from it. Arkham’s involvement could also point to some classic Batman villains that may be appearing. However, the main villain has always been Deathstroke.

Deathstroke ruined Bruce Wayne’s life


Among the cast members who will return for some additional filming of Snyder Cut, Joe Manganiello has pretty much shared both the unrealized solo film Deathstroke (which he still hopes will materialize after Snyder Cut) and Affleck’s film about Batman. In an interview with Yahoo, Manganiello described the film as “a really dark story“and said it included Slade Wilson”dismantling Bruce’s life from the inside out“Manganiello further revealed that Slade.”killed everyone close to Bruce and ruined his life,“accusing him of an accident. Clearly, Affleck intended to challenge Batman in a way he had never been in a movie before, while Manganiello’s description of the death blow by killing Bruce’s favorite perhaps says more than it seems.

With a template set by Zack Snyder, DCEU is a franchise in which any character is a fair game to be killed. Snyder discovered Dick Grayson as the late Robin whose suit was seen in Batcave, while Batman himself even had to sacrifice his life later. As he determined Batman v Superman, Affleck’s Bruce Wayne experienced a terrible tragedy and seemed to have no circle of friends outside of his butler and close ally Alfred Pennyworth, played by Jeremy Irons. Based on Manganiello’s description, it seems likely that Alfred would have been killed by Deathstroke in the film, and this coincides with Richardson’s description of the film exploring Batman’s dark side. Although he had already been pulled from the edge Batman v Superman, Alfred’s death would surely be a crushing loss for Bruce, and his newly formed alliance with the Justice League could be the link that saved him from passing from the point of no return.

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Affleck’s Batman film was similar to David Fincher’s film

In addition to the details Manganiello revealed already above, he also stated: “There were similarities with The Game “, referring to David Fincher’s 1997 thriller. The film shows Michael Douglas playing a rich man who participates in what he believes is a simple game, only to have his life thrown into chaos. This coincides with Manganiello’s previous description of Deathstroke dismantling Bruce Wayne’s life in the film, and between them it seems that Affleck’s Batman may have fallen to an even lower point than the one he was seen at. Batman v Superman.

In some respects it also seems that Affleck may have pulled out Knightfall a comic book story, in which Batman is pushed to its limits through Bane’s machinations before being infamously maimed. Anyway, what was very clear was that after Superman redeemed the Dark Knight, Affleck intended to put Batman in a very psychologically taxing story with a methodical and sadistic villain, perhaps wanting to drive further home as much as his Bruce Wayne damaged everything. experienced and going through another challenge that touches the soul in his solo film.

With everything published about Affleck’s Batman movie, it sounds like it could really have been an amazing story for the Dark Knight, as approved by storyboard artist Jay Oliva. Although Affleck will be seen at least twice more as Batman in the game Snyder Cut and The Flash, his Batman the film remains an unrealized story within DCEU. Still, the fact that he came back at all was a development that many believed was impossible, and DC is now obviously comfortable having more Batmen at once as part of their Multiverse. As for DCEU, last year’s value of events shows that literally anything can happen.

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