Every Z-warrior is stronger than DBZ’s Goku

At this point in the anime, a handful of Z-warriors are now even more powerful than Goku was at the end of Dragon Ball Z. Here’s who they are.

Several Z-warriors in dragon ball the anime managed to surpass the power Goku had in the end Dragon Ball z. In Buu Saga, the show’s protagonist reached new heights when he achieved Super Saiyan 3 form and battled Majin Buu. At the end of the series, he knocked down the villain with his biggest attack, the Spirit Bomb.

He was during that time Dragon balls the strongest hero. He returned the title to Gohana, who earned it when he unlocked the Super Saiyan 2 transformation to defeat Cell, but lost when he gave up in training. Gohan surpassed Goku’s strength when he was attacked by the Z-sword, but failed to defeat Super Buu. Vegeta, who had long been determined to catch up with his Saiyan rival, accepted an evil upgrade from Babidi to gain an advantage over Goku, but revealed that his opponent was secretly holding him back during their fight. Goku could have used Super Saiyan 3 against him, but refrained.

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Goku’s strength continued to rise Dragon Ball Super. He widened the gap between himself and the other Z-warriors by participating in a ritual that turned him into a Super Saiyan God. In the rematch with Frieza, Goku reached a new divine state called Super Saiyan Blue. In large part thanks to his training with the Whis, Goku became as powerful as a god when he discovered how to unlock the Ultra Instinct during the Power Tournament, to the great misfortune of the Gods of Destruction. He has come a long way since then Dragon Ball z finished, but he is far from the only character to have made a huge profit from the Buu saga. In fact, there are some Z-warriors who are now even stronger than Goku was in the anime.


Dragon Ball Super’s Vegeta is a few levels above Goku Buu Sage. Although he may be a little behind Goku, he did well to keep up with him. He joined Super Saiyan Blue during the same fight in which Goku first performed him, despite the fact that he did not benefit from the Super Saiyan God ritual. Unlike Goku, he had to achieve this reinforcement entirely on his own. In order not to see each other off, both characters diligently trained with the Whis. The use of divine energy made them so powerful that both Goku and Vegeta could beat anyone Dragon Ball z a villain without being transformed at all.

During the Power Tournament, Vegeta deviated a bit from Goku’s path by becoming the first to reveal Super Saiyan Blue Evolved form. He may not be as powerful as Ultra Instinct Goku, but Super Saiyan Blue Evolved prevented him from staying behind. With this power, Vegeta showed his most impressive feat even when he overthrew Topa, who had just become the God of destruction. What is noticeable in this regard is the fact that just before the tournament, Top – before his transformation – stopped Goku.

Future trunks

Another Z-Warrior that surpassed Dragon Ball For Goku was Future Trunks by a big margin. When he first appeared in Dragon Ball Super, he was obviously inferior to Goku and Vegeta in power. He was in awe of Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 form and in turn their divine reinforcements. Although Trunks may have been stronger than he was when he was last seen in Cell Saga, he did not have enough strength to compete with his new opponents, Goku Black and Zamasu. As a result of a continuous struggle for the future of his world, intense training with Vegeta and the desperate nature of his situation, Trunks became the first character to take the form of Super Saiyan Rage. Based on how well he managed to withstand Fused Zamasu, it quickly became clear that he was suddenly level with the levels of Goku and Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue. Goku and Vegeta had to merge and become a Vegito to compete with the villain, while the Super Saiyan Rage Trunks were able to destroy his body by attacking the Sword of Hope.

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Ultimate Gohan Dragon Ball Z

Gohan did not regain his position as the strongest Z-warrior, but climbed his back back to the top after realizing how much he had fallen. Believing he needed to become powerful again, Gohan continued training with Piccolo, which helped him not only regain the power he once had, but also become stronger than ever. During the preparations for the Power Tournament, Gohan gave him everything he had against Goku and managed to push Saiyan to the extreme. Gohan’s rapid progress proved significant, as Super Saiyan Blue alone was not enough to keep Goku from Ultimate Gohan. He had to combine Super Saiyan Blue with his Kaio-ken technique to finally beat him. Also, it turned out that Gohan was in front of or at least close to the level of strength of the Golden Frieze, who could not beat Dispo from Universe 11 without his help. U Dragon Ball Super manga, Gohan defeated Kefla, a fusion of Caulifle and Kale. This is a character that Goku couldn’t beat without Ultra Instinct, which is proof of Gohan’s power. His victory over her is a clear sign that the distance between him and the first two Z-Warriors has decreased significantly.

Android 17

Android 17, which was previously used as a villain, has joined the ranks of heroes Dragon Ball Super. Interestingly, he made a huge leap in power between his finals Dragon Ball z battle and his Dragon Ball Super debut. He used to be as strong as Piccolo from Cell Sage, but in Dragon Ball Super, it was revealed that he spent most of his time protecting the island for him well. It is clear that the character has invested a lot of time and effort into his training, as he is now capable of challenging Goku to a great extent. It seemed like a big surprise to viewers when Android 17 remained unprepared during the fight, even when Goku launched Super Saiyan Blue. After the fight – which had no winner – it was suggested that both fighters were holding back their full potential. His performance against Top and Jiren at the Tournament of Power confirmed that 17 is not as strong as Goku, but still outperforms most Z-Warriors.


Piccolo, who is a very short time in Dragon Ball z was his strongest Z-warrior, he ceased to be relevant on the eve of Buu Saga. Since he was not even considered a threat to Majin Buu, his role was limited to a guide for Gotten and Trunks. For the most part Dragon Ball Super, Piccolo’s situation was not much better. That said, Piccolo got a big upgrade just in time for the Tournament of Power. As Piccolo himself pointed out, the character has strengthened over time.

It is obvious that the character trained in secret outside the screen. He has now surpassed Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 form and possesses enough strength to fight Ultimate Gohan. He may not be able to win against him in a fair fight, but he was able to hold him pretty well when the two teamed up against Namekian Universe 6. Goku acknowledged Piccolo’s extraordinary increase in strength in the sequel to the manga. All things considered, it seems highly likely that Piccolo is also eclipsed Dragon Ball For Goku.

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