Every word Thomas Tuchel said about the defeat of Porto, the famine of Mason Maut, the composure of Ben Chilwell

Do you have one leg in the semifinals?

“It’s just half time [of the tie] and we experienced what could happen in football last Saturday. I feel a good atmosphere in the locker room. We are happy but not too happy, excited but not too excited.

“We made a few good attacks and today we scored two good goals. It was difficult for us to create touches in the penalty area, to find the right rhythm for a long time.

“Overall, we ran away with a very, very good result. But this is the quarterfinals and we have to move on, it will be necessary for another top performance and a top mentality next Tuesday.”

First goals for Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell in the Champions League. Were these goals of real quality?

“Chilly had a lot of composure. It wasn’t easy to score late because it was a physical and demanding match for him. We had a not so precise pass, but Chilly managed to profit from a defender’s mistake and remained very calm.

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“He’s not used to scoring, so it was pretty impressive and gave us a big advantage. It was a big step to score another goal.

“The first goal was very important to us because it came at a time after which we suffered a lot, that the team was overstretched, we were not precise enough, we lacked rhythm, we lacked the freedom to adjust to positions and be more our game was a bit static.

“The finish was clinical and the goal was great from Mason. He has the quality to do that and do it in the quarterfinals is a big step for him and a big help for the team. I’m very happy for the two of them.”

Is Mason Mount the best young player in England?

“He is a young player from our academy, a very important player for our team at a young age. I can only repeat that he has the right mentality and attitude towards training and games. He has the right attitude towards success. He has both feet on the ground, he is open and hungry for learning .

“It’s very difficult for me to compare players in different positions and even in the same positions. There are different roles and players have different tasks. So I’m not a real guy to judge who is the best and the other the best.

“Mason is an important and key player for us and I’m happy that he fits into this role in his youth. It’s good to have him.”

Was it important to show a defensive reaction today after Saturday’s defeat?

“Yes, it was absolutely necessary to show these little details and reaction. We had a lot of good results in a row, so we had a very bad result and the first defeat on Sunday. It was an opportunity to come back and show the reactions, so it was our first joint loss and the first reaction we showed.

“It was a tough game because Porto was very, very strong. We suffered a little bit because I felt a bit tense and not precise enough, free enough or brave enough during the first half, so our life was hard because Porto showed Absolutely we accepted it and it took us a bit of luck to escape with 2: 0 and a clean sheet, but after the recognition last Saturday and the defeat in such a strange game.

“The best way would be to escape and make a clean goal right away, and this makes this result very valuable. I am very happy that we had a lot of possession, we could very well escape the pressure and substitutions were a big help to me today.

“So, it was our first response after the first joint defeat and I am very pleased with the result. I can understand that we felt tension when it comes to the quarterfinals and accept the quality of Porto. They are a proud club and an emotional club, an emotional team. So the players are very they know very well what they did today and they have to repeat it on Tuesday. “

Your substitutions would suggest that you weren’t comfortable with just one goal advantage, did you want another?

“I accepted that today was a tough game for Tim and Kai. They didn’t have their best day, but we didn’t deliver so well [for them]. The connection between the deep seven players needed to build and the front three, we lost a little bit of connection with them.

“The balls we delivered weren’t the best balls and I felt like our two German players in front, Kai and Timo, weren’t playing at their highest level today, so I wanted to have an impact from the bench. Christian has a good swing, Oli waited a long time and has good experience and memories of this stadium.We wanted to give a signal to move on [in the game].

“This is a mentality in general that I like in this club and this team and that we want to implement. Once you lead, it’s very hard not to play with the mentality that you have something to lose. You want to keep what you have.

“But you have to go try to win the next half and try to win the next duels and try to score the next goal. The best way to defend is to attack. The best way to impress your opponents is to have the ball possession to be encouraged and always be a threat.

“I am happy for the impact of our substitutions. It is absolutely necessary that we have this connection between the players and we have this impact from the bench physically, but also with quality. That is why we are overjoyed today with a great victory. The job is half done and we are aware of it. another top performance.