Every word Thomas Tuchel said about Chelsea’s excellent victory against Atletico Madrid and Olivier Giroud

Wonderful goal by Giroud, are you proud of him and the team?

I’m not proud of it because I had nothing to do with it. So that was not my achievement.

I am overjoyed for my players and team for such a great reward. We can actually read on the score line that we have a score against the best opponents.

It was very important that we were absolutely concentrated during all 96 minutes.

Yes we also accept that it is very difficult to create chances, but we did it all and it was a very good team effort.

If you can’t play a rematch in London, are you happy to return to Bucharest?

First of all, I truly hope we play at Stamford Bridge if possible. If we can’t play at Stamford Bridge, we will find a good solution that suits everyone and that is possible. I can tell you that it was a pleasure to be here.

Everyone was super kind at the hotel and it was the perfect treat for us.

The stadium was amazing and the people around it worked amazingly to provide opportunities at the highest level.

Did you save Oliviera Girouda against Southampton for today’s match?

No it’s not [that we saved him for Atletico]. We thought for a long time about accommodating him.

You’re right, there was obviously a possibility of him going against Southampton [after scoring versus Newcastle], then we analyzed them and they are a very aggressive team and they press and play high on the field. So we expected more space behind the last line and wanted more running from the depths.

I only had three changes because only three changes are possible in our league. I wasn’t too happy in my decisions in the game against Southampton.

We may have missed the opportunity to bring him to an end. But then I can say that I saved it for today.

Mason Mount played well, he will miss the rematch, how disappointing will it be that he is not there because of that?

Don’t forget Jorginha, we will miss two key players, that doesn’t make things easier for us.

But I am very pleased with the performance of everyone, which includes Mason, of course. Again, good effort, great effort, great speed of work, high intensity as we are used to when playing like this. He has a big impact on our team.

Honestly, we are now playing against Man Utd, Everton, Liverpool and Leeds, this is good. We can’t feel comfortable, we can’t be lazy. These games will take us to our limits and then we will think about our rematch solutions.

Surprised when you see that Giroud is still doing it with 34?

If you see it every day, you can’t be surprised. He is fully in shape, his body is in shape and his physicality is at the highest level.

Mentally I really feel like he enjoys every day as a professional footballer at this level and that’s the level he should be.

He trains as a 20-year-old, like a 24-year-old. He is a guy who has a good mix of seriousness and joy in training. He is always positive and that is a big factor for the group.

It starts, when it comes off the bench, it has all these qualities and this is how good it is.