ESN will soon be introduced in the north, IPOB says

The indigenous population of Biafra says its security equipment, the Eastern Security Network, will soon be launched in the northern part of Nigeria.

This is while the secessionist group has vowed to resist the planned deployment of 5,000 vigilant people to the southeast region by the Miyetti Allah Livestock Breeders Association of Nigeria.

On Saturday, MACBAN vigorously promised to deploy 5,000 of its precautions to the southeastern region to protect livestock farmers and their livestock.

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But IPOB said in a statement signed on Sunday by its media and public relations director Emma Powerful, a copy of which is available to our correspondent, that it was ready to resist Miyetti’s plan, adding that such a threat was an insult to Igboland.

The group said security equipment for the southeastern geopolitical zone was floating two weeks ago by the region’s governor dead on arrival.

The statement read: “The attention of the indigenous peoples of Biafra, IPOB, was drawn to the threat of MIYETTI ALLAH to deploy 5,000 jihadists to the land of Biafra to protect their cows and herders after the float of Southeast Security Governor Ebubeagu. We consider this excuse an insult to the whole of Biafra and we will not tolerate it despite our dissatisfaction against the treacherous governors of the southeast and the political elite.

“The governors of the Southeast must understand that the federal government of Nigeria has sponsored Miyetti Allah to carry out this reckless excuse. The sooner they realize that IPOB is not a problem for them, the better. They should stop betraying us, but appreciate our sacrifices in defending the land of their ancestors.

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“Miyetti Allah and their terrorist group should know that they should not impersonate God forever. They are trying to provoke ESN and IPOB to drastic actions. IPOB and ESN are running out of patience with their insults. You should take your steps now! Let them come, we are waiting for them. He will soon see ESN in the north.

“Fulani terrorists think that it is easy to penetrate Biafraland the way they penetrated the land of Hausa and conquered them in 1804. If Miyetti Allah and their sponsors in Aso Rock try to do on the land of Biafra what they did in the land of Hausa, they will regret their works. ESN and IPOB are prepared for them. They can intimidate the governors of the southeast, but they cannot intimidate IPOB and ESN. Not an inch of Biafra land will surrender to the Fulani jihadists.

“If jihadists Miyetti Allah step into our country, they will be like abandoned corpses in the bushes and forests in our territory. Nigerians can dissolve before Miyetti Allah, but not IPOB and ESN. Miyetti Allah must not try IPOB and ESN because they cannot withstand our poison.

“We hereby declare the end of open grazing in the entire territory of Biafra. If we have open pastures on cows on our farms again, both the cow and the killer herdsman will not live to share their experience.

“Those who are leading the formation of the EBUBEAGU security network are failures. When our people needed them for protection, they were nowhere to be found. Instead of standing in number, they preferred to wait for the instructions of the Caliphate. And now that their slave masters in Abuja and Sokoto had instructed them what to do, they hastily announced the imaginary clothes to EBUBEAG. The clothes are dead on arrival. It’s a suspect.

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“We know their mission: the clothing will be an extension of Nigerian security agencies to spy on our gallant Eastern Security Network, ESN and pro-Biafra groups. The so-called EBUBEAGU will be infiltrated by bullies and saboteurs in the hunt for ESN and IPOB members. They want to fight us using their people. But we are smarter. We are miles ahead of their game plan. ”