Esha Gupta who works for Suryu Yantrasan is our motivation for the weekend exercise that we all need – fitness

Many people started practicing yoga during locking up and fell in love with this form of exercise. Celebrities also played a major role in this shift as they shared clips from their yoga sessions at the same time. One of those celebrities was Esha Gupta. The Total Dhamaal the actor has posted pictures showing how easily he scores some of the most difficult yoga poses. He still shares them with his fans in an attempt to encourage them to exercise.

A recent Yoga pose shared by Esha was a Surya Yantrasana called the Sun Dial pose. And trust us when we say that, it is not easy to do an asana. For a yoga session at home, she decided to wear a beige sports bra and flaunt her tummy tuck. She paired it with white harem pants. The actor left her hair parted on the side and she looked radiant during rehearsal.

She shared an awe-inspiring image on her official Instagram account with several emoticons as the title.

Steps to do Surya Yantrasana

To do the asana, you will first need to sit on the floor with your left knee bent so that your foot is close to the perineum. For the next step, raise your right leg as high as possible and support it with your right hand. Once you reach a point where you can’t lift your leg further, extend your left arm back to keep your right ankle.

For the next step, lower your right arm and keep your palm on the floor to maintain balance. Try to keep both hip bones on the floor and finally stretch the left side of the body and look towards the left side.

Advantages of Surya Yantrasana

Asana also has many health benefits. It stretches the entire body muscles while strengthening the forearms, shoulders and abdominal muscles. It also improves digestion along with blood circulation.

Did you exercise today?

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