ESA wants to strengthen its business and strengthen its European role

ESA Agenda 2025. Source:

Paris, April 8, 2021 – A clear focus on business: The new head of the European Space Agency (ESA) Josef Aschbacher presented ESA’s Agenda 2025 and what he wants the agency to focus on “Creating space for Europe”, said ESA.

The Director-General of ESA has set five priorities for the coming years: strengthening relations with the EU and the European Commission, “strengthening commercialization for a green and digital Europe”, “strengthening the space for security and safety”, developing ESA’s horn of plenty of programs and continuing organizational transformations.

The link between ESA and the EU is “important for space” in Europe, the agenda says, and ESA “should become a natural technical partner at European level for the development of space infrastructure for security and safety purposes”. It therefore aims for “new flagship space projects” such as the “proposed secure connectivity option” – which refers to plans for a secure and sovereign European satellite broadband constellation – and the Cassini initiative to support space companies and industry.

“To benefit from Europe’s growing space economy,” Aschbacher’s agenda focuses on commercialization, support for the growing New Space sector and the contribution of space companies to a “green and digital Europe.” “ESA needs to be stronger, more dynamic and faster in interacting with start-ups and companies to help them succeed,” the agenda said.

Looking at space and space exploration, ESA puts the European Moon mission on its list of major actions. “ESA will negotiate with NASA to land the first European on the surface of the moon.”