Eric Bailly and Richarlison exchange on Instagram after Man Utd star announces moment of conflict

Eric Bailly sent a heartfelt apology to Richarlison after the Everton striker was forced to come down during the Everton Carabao Cup clash with Manchester United.

The Toffees striker was embroiled in an ugly-looking collision with Bailly, and Richarlison looked unconscious after the first contact.

He was then given extensive treatment by club doctor Everton, before it was decided he would not return to action.

Bailly posted a picture of the incident apologizing to Richarlison

Bailly has faced several criticisms for his clumsy air challenge, while Bruno Fernandes has also been accused of seemingly pushing the Brazilian into a United defender.

After the match, Bailly shared a picture of the conflict on social media, before apologizing in the next public post.

Shortly afterwards, he revealed a personal conversation with Richarlison, with Bailly, who addressed his good wishes to the affected attacker.

Bailly told the Everton striker saying, “I’m sorry friend, take care of your health, little brother, you’re the best.”

He told the Everton striker saying, “I’m sorry friend, take care of your health, little brother, you’re the best.”

Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti gave a positive report on Richarlison after the game, claiming there would be no immediate signs of permanent damage.

“Richarlison is fine now,” he said. “No problem. Over the next few days, we’ll check out what’s going on.

“Fortunately, he was fine afterwards.”

He added: “I think it was an unfortunate challenge. Yes, dangerous, but I think all the players were in danger. ”

Ancelotti revealed after the game that club doctor John Hollingsworth had made the decision to take down Richarlison

The player was seen protesting with Everton club doctor John Hollingsworth, and Ancelotti revealed he had the final decision on his replacement.

“Our doctor had complete control over the situation, he decided to take it off and I completely agreed with him,” the Italian added.

“He had control over the situation and the well-being of the players.”

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Carlo Ancelotti offered a positive update on Richardson’s injury after a 2-0 defeat

It was one of two controversial incidents in Everton’s 2-0 defeat, with Edinson Cavani also avoiding a penalty for putting his arm around Yerry Min’s chest in an argument in the second half.

However, without VAR in the game, Ancelotti refused to use the lack of technology as any excuse for his exit from the Carabao Cup.

“We [him and the players] he didn’t talk about this at the end of the game, ”he said.

“The rules are that VAR does not happen in the game, so if the referee decides that Cavani did nothing wrong, we have to accept it. Dot. “

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