England: Jesse Lingard admits West Ham loan move gives him ‘new life blow’

Jesse Lingard has admitted that the West Ham loan move has given him a “new lifespan” after the Manchester United nightmare as he seeks to claim a spot on England’s Euro 2020 squad.

  • Jesse Lingard hopes to return to England against San Marino on Thursday
  • He returned to England after a brilliant start to his life on loan at West Ham
  • Lingard has five goals and three assists in just seven matches with the Hammers
  • The winger now wants to make his claim to the England team before the euro

Jesse Lingard welcomed his loan with West Ham for giving him a “new lifespan” ahead of his potential return to the English starting line-up on Thursday night.

Lingard flourished on loan at London Stadium after finally ending Manchester United’s nightmare, scoring five goals and creating three assists in just seven matches for the Hammers.

And the wing’s fine form, after a long time in ambiguity at Old Trafford, recently saw him rewarded with a recall in the Three Lions lineup for their upcoming triple headbutt in World Cup qualifiers – starting at Wembley against San Marino on Thursday.

Winger Jesse Lingard has returned to the squad for England after a boom on loan at West Ham

And Lingard has since welcomed the role his move to Hammers has played in helping him get back to a turnaround of England – with the last cap arriving against Switzerland in the 2019 UEFA League of Nations third-place playoffs.

Asked if moving to West Ham had changed his international chances, Lingard admitted to the FA: ‘One hundred percent, it’s a bit like a new breath of life. I moved to London, which is different, a different group of guys – all the guys are great at West Ham, they welcomed me with open arms.

‘The staff was great and the whole club is really good. I play from week to week and I do something I love, so it was perfect for me. As you say, it’s a new life.

‘I think [getting back in the England squad] was always in my mind. I love playing for my country. I had already missed half the season and I had to really start West Ham very quickly and do the best I could to try to get in there.

‘It’s just about believing and doing well for West Ham – scoring, helping, winning games – and I think you obviously know that’s what guaranteed me a place here, just that I’m in shape.

Lingard have five goals and three assists in their name in just seven games for Hammers

Lingard have five goals and three assists in their name in just seven games for Hammers

‘When I went on loan to West Ham, I had a lot of goals written down. I’ve already hit some and will continue to do so until the end of the season, so it’s just about proper thinking and focus – coming to West Ham and trying to help the team, trying to fight for Europe and I also have individual goals. ‘

Lingard also revealed that Gareth Southgate played a big part in opting for West Ham on loan in front of a host of European clubs, who were also looking for his signature.

Lingard did not appear for United in the Premier League this season and knew he needed a new change if he wanted to have hopes of creating an England team for this summer’s Euros.

‘Gareth has shown great support and a lot of faith in me,’ Lingard added. ‘He was the first to give me his debut in England, which I am proud of and I kept in touch with him even though I didn’t play, just to get his advice on what I should do.

‘[Discussing the potential loan] It was on the right track, really. Whether it’s going out to Europe or staying in the Premier League and he said, “If I were you, I’d stay in the Premier League.” So after that, I had to find the Premier League and obviously West Ham fit in perfectly.

Lingard will be desperately looking for his place on Gareth Southgate’s Euro team

Lingard will be desperately looking for his place on Gareth Southgate’s Euro team

‘We kept talking and then the loan happened, so I didn’t talk to him after the loan, it was just about working hard for West Ham and trying to get a call.

‘I just wanted to go out and play regular football and try and do the best I know and obviously the statistics speak for themselves and all I can do is constantly score goals, help in helping the team and when England knocked it was a great opportunity. ‘

After hitting the ground in East London, Lingard hopes to continue his rich form of form for his country.

‘I mean, at the moment I have a lot of confidence in the performances I’ve done for West Ham, I hope I can bring them [to England]’, he added.

“But I have to stay confident and still believe in myself to do the best I can to help the team.”