Emmerdale spoilers next week Liv rushed to the hospital

A hospital dash, a drug trade and a secret passion make the start of the new year in Emmerdale rich in events.

Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) fears for her younger sister Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) as she fights for her life, Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) admits her true feelings for Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock), and Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) is drawn in a life of crime.

Here are all your Emmerdale spoilers for January 4 – 8, 2021.

Liv diagnosed with epilepsy

emmerdale liv flaherty vinny ashdale paul ashdale

Finally confirming a diagnosis of epilepsy isn’t the best news in the world, but tough teenage Liv refuses to let her define it while protective older brother Aaron is distraught. Stop thinking once, it’s not a matter of you …

When Liv’s home attack attacks only Vinny Ashdale (Bradley Johnson), her boyfriend panics until Daddy Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale) shows up and takes control. Taking the girl to the hospital, Aaron eventually proved to have missed Vin’s calls while kayaking with her boyfriend (not a euphemism). An angry Aaron lashes out at Vinny when he tries to calm him down, even threatening to kick him out of the house, and Paul has to play a peacemaker. It has nothing to do with all this waste, will Liv be okay?

Sarah off the rails

emmerdale sarah sugden danny harrington

As if the neglected one needed more temptations to embark on the path of juvenile delinquency, drug-dealing teenager Danny Harrington (Louis Healey) returned to the scene to lure her into a life of crime.

Forgiving the former police for buying it from the police a year ago, Danny soon distributes the product to a boy’s party in a woolen package – and Sarah decides to give up and asks for pills … Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) find stock and call the police, and Sarah quickly puts her pills on one of the guys to distract her and Danny. The student is on a very slippery slope …

Paddy wedding for Rhon and Marlon

emmerdale paddy kirk rhona goskirk

Having spent a very pleasant New Year’s Eve together, the old flame Marlon and Rhona hover together. However, the steam needs a little pressure …

Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) inadvertently plays Cupid this week as both of his friends confide in him separately about their growing feelings for the other, and beg him to keep quiet. The vet gets more and more upset as Rhona and Marlon misread the signals and their romantic reunion can be ruined before the start – unless the Pads betray their confidence and point out that they are both secretly furious one after the other!

Harriet removes Charles from the scent

emmerdale harriet finch

You’d think Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) would be happy to have her parish merge and get the support of fellow Vicar Charles (Kevin Mathurin) – additional help in setting up zoomed sermons and keeping the news tidy. But no, the annoying newcomer is already making her life difficult by sniffing around the unusual case of a disturbed grave and is convinced that the body has been moved.

Aware of the revelations of Malone’s murder, Harriet manages to remove Charles from his back this week thanks to quick thinking. Surely Emmerdale wouldn’t have bothered to bring in the character had he not been the one to uncover her crime? Meanwhile, Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) gets a job as a farmer on Home Farm so he can do his part of the job in protecting the undercover killer. The clock is ticking …

Elsewhere on Emmerdale

emmerdale mack boyd
  • In addition to his sister’s health crisis, Aaron has another side-breaking story as Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) offers him a job offer. By now it’s clear that Mack will go for anything with a pulse, so what exactly does the sexy Scot suggest here? #Maron – that’s all we say.
  • The more she gets pregnant, Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) becomes more paranoid with baby dad Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) who spends time with ex-lover Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) while working together on a farm. What about Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) who is still struggling to release jealousy over the onslaught of his wife and son, is that an addition to speculation that Tracy and Cain may be heading for an affair? Crossed fingers.

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