Ellie Goldstein’s guide to skin cleansing and self-confidence

Ever since he starred in the Gucci Beauty campaign in partnership with Vogue Last year, Italy, British model Ellie Goldstein became a model of self-confidence. Diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth, Goldstein – who signed with Zebedee Management – was chosen for its authenticity. Since then, the model has continued to advocate her commitment to self-confidence and beauty of all kinds. “I like to take care of my facial skin because I like to look gorgeous and beautiful all day,” says Goldstein, who starts her routine with a dose of vitamin D to boost immunity.

Furthermore, a reliable cleanser and toner ensure that her vision is as clean as possible, as well as that she is ready to absorb a range of moisturizers, including Weleda Skin Food Light. “It’s very cold right now, so I have to hydrate my face because I often have dry skin,” says Goldstein, who applies Avon Distillery Sleep Potion Night Cream for extra hydration. “I moisturize my face every day and every night.” Touches of The Body Shop mango body yoghurt and hand cream ensure that the skin is both smooth and fragrant, while a slice of hair oil keeps Goldstein’s long brunette locks – which he occasionally allows his mother – shiny and tame. Pulling an eyebrow pencil and applying a pink lipstick offer a subtle rinse of everyday glamor, but Goldstein’s top beauty tool is her unwavering confidence. “Be confident, never give up and be yourself, no matter who you are – just be yourself,” says Goldstein. “Be perfect in yourself.”

Easy soothing facial skin care

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