Ellen DeGeneres shares a wild weed drink story with her husband Portia de Rossi

It seems that Ellen DeGeneres may have been as tall as a dragon when her wife Portia de Rossi had to undergo emergency appendicitis surgery.

The show’s host opened up to Jimmy Kimmel in episode 4/20 of his show, revealing that she’s not the one dealing with cannabis, but that she’s tried “weed potions” before.

DeGeneres said comedian Chelsea Handler told her about the drinks.

“They have CBD or TH … I don’t know which is a good thing, but there is something …” said DeGeneres, who described drinking one of the drinks earlier this year. “I drank one and didn’t feel anything, so I drank three. Then I took two melatonin sleeping pills. “

Earlier that evening, de Rossi was not feeling well and went to bed early. Stepping into bed after her three drinks, DeGeneres said she noticed her wife wasn’t there.

“I know he’s not in bed. I said, ‘Are you okay? Honey, are you okay? ‘”, DeGeneres explained. “She’s hooked. I get out of bed and she is on the ground on all fours. I said, ‘You’re not well.’ She says, “I’m fine.” I said, ‘No, unless you’re playing Twister yourself, you’re not okay.’ So I drove her to the emergency room. ”

Kimmel questioned whether DeGeneres was ready to ride, given her condition, and DeGeneres said it was because her adrenaline was running high.

“I had to hurry her there. So it’s probably not safe. I shouldn’t say any of this, ”she said, encouraging Kimmel’s laughter.

De Rossi finally needed to have his appendix removed and after that he was fine. DeGeneres shared that the “Arrested Development” star “is begging for more painkillers because she was still in pain and her sister was not giving them.”

“So she’s starting to offer tickets for my show. She’s like bargaining … ‘And what about the Christmas show 12 days?’ ”She recalled.

You can look at the whole funny segment above.