Edo threatens to close the 20th NSF on Thursday

Figure 3. The Delta team dances on Tuesday (6/4/21) during the glorious opening ceremony of the games in the main bowl of Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium in Benin City.
01620/7/4/2021 / Anthony Alabi / BJO / NAN

The Edo government, host of the ongoing 20th National Sports Festival (NSF) in Benin, will shut down the thirteen-day event by 12 noon Thursday, one official said late Wednesday.

Musa Ebomhiana, project manager of the Media and Communications Subcommittee of the Festival’s Local Organizing Committee (LOC), said the decision was needed because of the federal government’s refusal to fulfill the promise.

He said the federal government did not support the state with funds as promised, and the state government had no choice but to shut down the festival.

the decision was made following an emergency meeting of the Festival’s Local Organizing Committee (LOC) chaired by Ed’s Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu.

“You can quote me, we have just finished the emergency meeting of the LOC, and while I am talking to you, we have decided to close the festival by tomorrow at 12 o’clock (Thursday).

“The decision was made because the federal government gave up its promise to help the state with money.

“That’s why we’re closing the festival,” Ebomhiana said.

However, he did not reveal how LOC would close the festival.

Our correspondent could not get a reaction from the festival organizers, the Main Organizing Committee (IOC), to this development at the time of this report.

He also could not get a reaction from the owners of the festival, the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports.

John Joshua-Akanji, Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare, however, immediately replied that he had been contacted.

The Special Assistant Minister for the Media asked the NAN to contact the MOC Secretary, Peter Nelson, who, however, was not available.

Let’s remind that Edo requested financial support from the federal government to host other states of the federation and the FCT.

He directed the request towards the inconvenience caused by several delays of the festival, which was previously charged for March 2020.

The delays are the result of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The renovated festival started on April 2 and would last until April 14, and if it was closed on Thursday, it would be only the seventh day.

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