Dwayne Johnson shares a new poster of ‘Young Rock’ with her unseen original painting

Dwayne Johnson will write down her life story Young Rock. The upcoming sitcom will showcase the journey of a professional wrestler who has become an actor. Recently, Johnson went to Instagram to tease his fans with a new poster Young Rock along with his unseen return image.

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Unseen photo of Dwayne Johnson –

On the eve of the premiere, Dwayne took to Instagram and shared a poster showing Uli Latukefu and others gathered in their characters. Uli Latukefu as 18-year-old Dwayne Johnson as Young Rock. The original photo shows The Rock dressed in the same clothes as the character of Uli Latukefu. Johnson wrote the headline in his text saying, “Swipe left and BRING YOUR PROPERTIES. He went on to say he was so excited that fans and their families will join them at the season premiere. Young Rock. He mentioned that Young Rock will premiere on NBC at 8pm / 7c. His post was instantly flooded with numerous likes and comments.

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Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram posts –

A week ago, he shared another poster on his lunch featuring Bradley Constant as 15-year-old Dwayne Johnson, along with others. In his headline, he expressed excitement by writing: “IN ONE WEEK, our season premiere YOUNG ROCK on @NBC !!! He further wrote that the family comedy series was the most unreal thing for him because, when he was 15, he was broken and lived in a motel with his friend. He used to push cars out of cracks while the kids thought he was a secret cop in Nashville, Tennessee. He learned invaluable family lessons, which he knew were all over. He was grateful and excited.

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Earlier this month, he shared a series of posters featuring different actors portraying him at different stages of his life. He first shared his ten-year-old self-starring role played by Adrian Groulx. He mentioned that at that age he was storming Hawaii. In the original image, The Rock is seen in a printed shirt.

He then announced Bradley Constant as 15-year-old Dwayne Johnson. He noted that he was 48 years old at the age of 15 and that he was constantly misled as a police officer in a secret high school. The character will show his “wild, unpredictable and defiant high school years”. The original image shows Johnson shirtless.

Finally, he shared a picture of Uli Latukefu as 18-year-old Dwayne Johnson. He mentioned that at the time, Johnson was a football freshman who won the National Championship and the National Football League. The original photo shows The Rock wearing his football jersey with a smile on his face.

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