Drama from the Suez Canal – and a small excavator – inspire a wave of memes | World News

IIt is the story of David and Goliath of our times: one of the largest container ships in the world was trapped in the Suez Canal, blocking a route through which 12% of world trade passes – and sent to rescue it was a very small excavator .

John Arnold

2 guys and an excavator on site to dislodge a ship stuck in the Suez Canal. pic.twitter.com/APAIU7sCv6

March 24, 2021

Online, the slow crisis was quickly transformed into a learning experience: memes 101. The general theme was futility: to work in the face of an endless number of things to do; of $ 1,400 stimulus checks in response to the coronavirus pandemic; to drink in the face of the “incessant and overwhelming weight of existence”.

Ben Harris-Roxas

This is my favorite meme format for a long time pic.twitter.com/p7XOuC43PU

March 24, 2021

Deeba Shadnia

🙃 pic.twitter.com/oQ5kVOSftc

March 24, 2021

Chaz Hutton

Today’s comics: We are all, in our own way, that ship. pic.twitter.com/GVDjLxzErX

March 24, 2021

Austin Powers was one of the first references, thanks to a scene in which the British spy tries to make a U-turn in a narrow passage.

Ben Harris-Roxas

Honorable mention pic.twitter.com/Ci4q0lK4vW

March 24, 2021

Some were able to relate the crisis to their own traffic and parking-induced stress:


I’m glad I decided to take the Panama Canal instead of Suez today

March 24, 2021

Some turned to poetry:

Rhiannon Shaw

this is just to say
I have
the suez

which you
probably necessary
for international

forgive me
I’m aside
and my ship’s butt
it’s big

March 24, 2021

Katy / Krfabian

my name is boat
and i’m tired
(but shipping was
is still needed)

so all i want
it’s a little nap
I turn to the side
I blok the Sooz

March 24, 2021

Others resorted to profanity:

Arnthor Asgrimsson


March 24, 2021

On Wednesday afternoon, the ship was partially refluxed, said GAC, a Dubai-based maritime services company, citing information from the channel’s authority. “Trains and traffic must be resumed as soon as the vessel is towed to another position,” said the company on its website.

But ship broker Braemar told Agence France-Presse that it may take a while for the ship to move. If the tugs are unable to release it, it may be necessary to unload containers to make the ship lighter, which can, said Braemar, “take days, maybe weeks”.