Dr. Isa Ali Pantami: Nigerian Minister of Communications and Digital Economy Profile

We call Wetin dis foto,

Dr. Isa Ali Pantami

But Isa Pantami, the Nigerian Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, does not pay attention to West African countries.

Tori could be said over the last few days many pipo interested in learning more about dr. Pantamime based on moist soil on the ground.

Consider some facts about the di minister and the former head of NITDA – [National Information Technology Development Agency], wey many pipo don’t know.

Nigerians call for the resignation of Isa Ali Pantami

Tori be say over the course of a few days many pipo de Nigerians are calling for the resignation of the di minister due to social media

Nigeria’s main opposition party (PDP) is not joining the list of groups seeking the resignation or dismissal of Pantamima.

E chop accuses him of making statements in support of terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the past.

But di goment minister, does not deny any connection with terrorist groups and does not threaten legal action at the top of the allegations di allegations.

Dr. Isa Ali Pantami on I am over 20 years old

For two decades, Pantami may have been imam wey dey to lead prayers for the mosque starting from time as a graduate assistant at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University for Bauchi state, Wey dey state in northeastern Nigeria.

While pesin wey dey taught and preached about Islam, the next natural step was mostly to become imam wey go dey to bring Muslims to prayer and dat on di step wey Pantami.

And to something we are still doing for many mosques, including the popular Al Mannar Mosque for Abuja, which will be their chief imam until tomorrow.

Something like say being a minister, don’t stop the annual tafsir lecture during Ramadan fasting, because even every year you use Qur’anic lectures every night for the Al Mannar Mosque for Abuja.

Wia dis photo comes from, Isa Ali Pantami

Dr. Isa Ali Pantami’s efforts for the northeast

Something that could be said, di minister dey has been really concerned about the events in northeastern Nigeria during di in the last decade.

As for Boko Haram and the ode to things, we will be happy not to make the Minister of Ministers play a vital role for the displaced pilot in Helep and bring lasting peace.

Pesin wey know am wella tok say di kain efforts wey Pantami advocate for the northeast not to be small, but on pesin wey do not like to blow the trumpet on why many do not know.

Educated by Uthaymin – During Pantami’s schooling in Saudi Arabia, one of the clerics who teaches according to Wikipedia at the Muhammad Inn Uthaymin wey some call him a “giant of Islam” based on wealth.

Uthaymin, one of the dealers, opposes women driving to Saudi Arabia because, according to the report, it is intensifying the mixing of men and women for traffic lights, a gas station and police stations.

[Dr Isa Ali Pantami] girl pikin death

On November 23 last year, the minister lost his 13-year-old daughter Aisha Isa Pantami after a short illness.

At the time, the minister tweeted: “We are coming from God and we will return to him. My 13-year-old daughter Aisha Isa Ali has just passed away.”

Dem was buried the day after the funeral for the central mosque in Abuja.

Pesin wey sabi di minister says Amal as the nickname of a child who is close di minister wella and her death pain am wella.

Isa Ali Pantami bin served as the General Manager of NITDA

Di 48-year-old doctor of science bin was the general director of the National Agency for the Development of Information Technology until 2019, when he became a minister.