Dozens feared the dead as heavy explosions, shots shaking Maiduguri

Ndahi Marama

Strong explosions and gunshot sounds that engulfed some parts of Maiduguri, the capital of the state of Borno, took many lives and others were injured.

This forced many residents of the affected areas to hide for safety, as reliable information revealed that one of the explosions fired at Adam Kolo / Shehuri in the back, the populated community behind Shehu from Born Palace, Kaleri and Limanti wards killed 15 people with many others who sustained injuries.

The explosion and the firing of rocket grenades, which started around 5:45 pm by the time this report was submitted, were heard around Kaleri behind Maiduguri University, Adam Kola, Limanti and Kagarmari departments of the metropolis.

Sources also said the sounds of gunfire were heard around the general area of ​​the Fori plantation and cashew nuts near the Giwa military barracks.

Sources said that behind the attack were armed rebels who tried to infiltrate the city, while the troops attacked them.

Maiduguri has not witnessed the Boko Haram invasion for a long time, even as Army Chief of Staff Major General Ibrahim Attahir gave a 48-hour ultimatum to troops last week during an operational visit to the country to regain the area of ​​Marta’s local government currently under Boko Haram’s control.

One of the fleeing residents of Kagalmari, Ahmed Abba near the Biyu field wire from the Gwanga general area in the heart of the city, said that “a heavy explosion activated at one of the public gatherings led to the killing of dozens and wounded.

Also, sources said, one of the rocket launchers fired by the rebels in Kalera killed an unspecified number of residents and others sustained injuries.

In the general area of ​​Shehuri, a reliable informfeom sour e said, “subsequent reporting shows that another missile landed in Shehuri with a lot of casualties with 15 fears of the dead.

“Another group of terrorists attacked the position of government forces (GF) behind the Dalori 1 IDP camp, near Maiduguri University, forcing GF to return fire.

“The armed conflict is ongoing, because at least 15 civilians were killed in the explosions, and an indefinite number of others were injured.

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