Dota 2 introduces updated features to help new players, including in-game tips, smurfing ban – Technology News, Firstpost

Creators of a series of video games Dota have introduced several updates for Dota 2. In a blog published on Dota 2 Web page, the company shared that instead of relying on a single repository of complex information, the company has now introduced a system that provides players with incremental learning opportunities. Dota 2 will offer several changes to both new and returning players, the blog said. There is a possibility of being released DOTA: Dragon’s blood more users will come to Netflix to join the game developed by Valve Corporation. The updates will apply from Thursday, March 25th.


Some of the new features that Dota 2 will now have to help new and returning players play the game:

A new way for players to work

Based on the concept of limited mode, Dota 2 will feature this mode to help new players learn the basics. The pool for the heroes will be smaller. New abilities and heroes will not meet in every game. New players will be able to leave the match at any time without penalty. There are a few more new features due to the simplicity of the player in this mode.

New Player Chat

After completing the first set of tasks, new Dota 2 players will be able to access this special channel. High-scoring players will have access to the channel to answer questions from those who have recently joined the game.

The goal of the new player

This feature will have four-grade progression scenarios and tutorial-like scenarios to help new players understand certain elements. While some goals may focus on concepts like guarding, others will focus on locking and team fighting.

Many other updates have been introduced, such as a simplified store, new player rewards, a glossary, updated and improved bots, in-game wizard tips, flexible training, heroes, a dashboard, a dota plus, and a smurfing ban.