DMX brain function is reportedly unchanged

DMX brain function reportedly remained unchanged, according to TMZ.

The report reports that emcee “X Gon ‘Give It To Ya” did not regain any brain function nearly a week after he allegedly overdosed. On Wednesday (April 7th), REVOLT reported that doctors at White Plains Hospital will perform tests of the brain function of the rapper, who is currently on life support. TMZ reports that tests performed on Xu did not show an improvement in brain activity. The store was told that the test results were “not good”.

TMZ also says the family has to make a difficult decision about whether to keep X on life insurance or not.

The family asked Steve Rifkind, a longtime friend and manager of X, to fly to New York on Friday (April 9th). Earlier this week, he published a statement about the brain tests that he did Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood he was to undergo a benchmark. He also gave news about his health.

“DMX is currently on a life support and in a coma. “There are more people with inaccurate information about his well-being, and that is not useful and productive,” Rifkind told TMZ on Tuesday (April 6th). “Tomorrow, he will undergo further tests for brain function, and his family will determine what is best from there.” We appreciate your prayers and support. ”

Over the weekend, fans were shocked to learn that broadcast player Ruff Ryders was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack from an alleged drug overdose. As a result of his heart attack, DMX’s brain was left without oxygen for nearly 30 minutes, causing lung and brain failure.

On Monday (April 5th), hundreds of fans gathered in front of the hospital to watch. Fans played his music, chanted “DMX” and prayed for the rapper’s recovery.

The REVOLT team continues to hold DMX, his family and friends in our prayers.