Disney and Sony sign a contract to bring Spider-Man to Disney +

(Pocket-lint) – Disney and Sony Pictures have signed a multi-year “content licensing” agreement so that Sony’s theatrical releases can reach Disney platforms.

The deal begins with Sony’s 2022 movies, and even includes rights to many of Sony’s older movies, including Spider-Man titles. This means that Disney + is likely to add Spider-Man, helping to round out its collection of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies currently available on the streaming service.

As for Sony’s theatrical releases, the contract also includes films included between 2022 and 2026, and Disney joined them after their “pay-one TV window,” which ends after they are shown in theatrical and home videos. . Now keep in mind that Sony and Netflix signed a paid TV window agreement earlier this month. In other words, once Sony movies hit theaters and become available for rent, they will hit Netflix and then Disney platforms.

So while Disney won’t get any new Spider-Man movies right after the theatrical series, it will eventually hit Disney platforms.

Other Sony Pictures properties, such as Jumanji and the Transylvania Hotel, are also part of the agreement, according to a press release. Disney’s Hulu is also set to receive “a significant number of library titles” sometime this summer, perhaps starting in June, according to a press release.

Written by Maggie Tillman.